Up.. up.. and away! – Satine’s Welcome

Thanks for stopping by at Glamorpuss – where you will find the best of SL Medieval/Roleplay Fashion uncovered and reviewed – as we kick this Blog into gear in 2008.

Satine Blog Pic

I’m Satine Recreant. A wandering Gypsy through the Roleplay Sims of Second Life, and often credited with single-handedly upholding the Linden Economy with my fashion purchases. I favor imaginative textures, smooth primwork and more than anything… Beauty.

I’m picky when it comes to my selections, and not afraid to speak my mind, although I firmly believe all creators here in SL deserve our respect and support. (Just not necessarily our Lindens.)

Claire and I want to conjure visions of fantasy out of the Metaverse, to help you fashion your alternate reality, be it as a Faerie, a Dragon, a Dancer at the Moulin Rouge, or a Good-Time Girl in a Post-Apocalyptic City. You find the Role Play Sim of your choice, and we’ll help you look good while you’re there…. (*winks*)

~ Satine

Outfit Credits after the cut.

How to recreate the look:

Hair: Lynne II in Nickel Blackened by ETD

Eyes: (Avatar) Eyes: Adorable in Midnight by Pixel Dolls

Skin: Lydia Skin by RAC Skin

Gown: Goth1c0 – L’Floa Eterna Black


~ by Evie Miles on December 30, 2007.

One Response to “Up.. up.. and away! – Satine’s Welcome”

  1. woo hoo, look at you, hotstuff!!

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