Evie’s Closet – Love Story and Freebie!

Evie's Closet - Love Story
















With Valentine’s Day around the corner and romantic gatherings abound, girls (and boys who dress like girls) are scouring the grid looking for that perfect look, that stunning gown to make his heart skip a beat. If you want to be a princess and are looking for that elegant ball gown, Love Story by Evie’s Closet is just the thing for you.

The full skirt with folds of shiny satin, the gathered bodice with delicate trim, the optional prim sleeves all make for a beautifully textured creation. For free women of Gor, there’s even a modesty shirt included on the undershirt layer. With colors like Eternal, Everlasting, Enduring and Immortal (a stunning pewter that PS refused to let me add to this picture!), how can you resist?

Also, Evie’s placed out a freebie gown for the next two days. If you are familiar with her freebies, you know this must be a good one!

Head on over to Evie’s Closet to fill your heart’s desire and pick up this luscious gown and the latest EC freebie!


~ by clairemcleod on February 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “Evie’s Closet – Love Story and Freebie!”

  1. Ah man, I’m a sucker for a good love story (runs out the door to aviod the crowds).

  2. all your dresses are lovely but this dress is absolutely stunning…

  3. eeeee so pretty 🙂

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