Needful Things….

When you’ve found the perfect gown.. the perfect hair…. and the perfect shoes, the only thing left to complete your look, are the perfect accessories.

And when you’re on the hunt, you need look no farther than the must-have, new color scripted jewels from Avilion Mist.

I’m wearing pieces from two seperate and equally beautiful sets. The quality of the work is faultless.  

Sojourner/Twilight Emerald

The Sojourner Necklace (Worn in Gold and Emerald) is scripted with 8 different gemstone choices which can be selected from a menu when you touch the jewels. There are no HUDs or Room Chat Channels required. The menu also allows you to toggle the full bright setting on and off.

The design is intricate, with lots of lovely flowing lines, (See the detail shot in Gold and Amethyst below) and I was especially impressed with the fit of the chain around my neck.

Many pieces have been relegated to the back of my jewelry box, because they alternately sink into my avatar, or stick out at an unusual gravity-defying angle when I attempt to edit their position.

Sojourner/Twilight Silver

The Twilight Collection Circlet (worn here in Silver and Diamond) also offers 8 gem color choices and the full bright toggle, so the two collections can be mixed and matched together.

The pieces all come with No Copy/No Modify/Transfer permissions, which makes them perfect for gift-giving.

Twilight Circlet AmethystNeedful Things

Both collections are offered in a choice of either Gold or Silver metal. Be sure to check out the matching prim earrings also, (not pictured) at the Avilion Mist Fortress.

Necklace: Sojourner Collection in Gold and Silver with color change gems by Avilion Mist

Circlet: Twilight Collection in Gold and Silver with color change gems by Avilion Mist

Skin: RAC Skins

Hair: Naoko by ETD

Eyes: Apple Adorable by Pixel Dolls

Gowns: Fairytale in Emerald and Ever After Gown by Evie’s Closet


~ by Evie Miles on February 9, 2008.

One Response to “Needful Things….”

  1. Charming, absolutely charming. I’ll be doing a feature on Malakh Giles’ jewelry soon as well. It’s all so masterfully done it deserves the limelight.

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