The Rose – Avilion Mist

More goodness from Avilion Mist!

This time it’s a new Gown by Serenity Sieyes, called “The Rose”.

The Rose - Avilion Mist

The gown comes with 19 seperate pieces, allowing you to mix and match several different looks. There are two prim skirts, two shirts, plus optional sleeves on the jacket layer, to which you can add beautiful floor-length prims in your choice of two colors. Serenity has also included a modesty top and a headpiece with optional veil, making the ensemble suitable for Gorean Freewomen, or those who simply like pretty things in their hair…

And just when you thought you couldn’t stand any more choices, there is a final added bonus – One beautiful black Avilion Mist Scripted cape.

The Gown’s permissions are No Transfer/Copy, with Modify granted on Prim parts. This is a considerate choice by the designer, as it allows each customer the opportunity to obtain a perfect fit.

The Rose - Avilion Mist

After opening the fun wooden casket the Gown came in, I spent a delightful half hour trying everything on, and defining the configuration of layers I liked the most. No matter what combinations I came up with, the gown left me feeling like I’d stepped into a fairytale.

A fairytale starring *Me*.

I really couldn’t decide which part of this gown was my favorite… it might have been the beautiful textures… or perhaps the luscious sleeves.. they flow at the perfect level… soft and dreamlike. Needless to say… If you want something really special, head on down to the Avilion Mist Fortress and add The Rose to your wardrobe.


~ by Evie Miles on February 12, 2008.

One Response to “The Rose – Avilion Mist”

  1. Like I said – You are sssooo workin’ that gown.

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