Elysian Faerie Fantasy

Every good Fashionista knows that textures can make or break an outfit. And once in a while, something comes along which just makes you stop and double-take with an audiable “Wow!”. The new Elysian Faerie Gown from Evie’s Closet did it for me.

I saw it worn by an erstwhile Faerie while idling around the fire in the Medieval Roleplay Sim, Avilion. And suddenly, *I* wanted to be that pretty, sparkling, sexy thing. So off I ran to Evie’s Closet to scoop my own copy, and here’s what I found.

Elysian Violet

The ensemble comes with a total of 13 pieces, including two choices for the skirt length. The first is a floor-length Ballgown which has a gorgeous satin sheen on the prims and incorporates a layered look.

This Ballgown skirt is also offered twice, once with a stomach attachment point, and once attaching to the pelvis. This is apparently to accomodate SL’s furry residents, those who carry specialised roleplay weapons and/or those who ride horses as attachments.

The real gem here is the bodice. Super-sparkly, the texture is just divine. It looks as though the entire thing is encrusted with tiny shards of crystal. It has a sexy corset shape, and the skirt prims blend seamlessly into the waist.

Elysian Green2

The second skirt option is a short, fluffy mini which is just perfect when teamed with the optional leg ribbons and prim bows for a psuedo-ballerina look. As the images above show, the gown also comes with optional arm ribbons, and a matching prim flower wreath for your hair.

Elysian Faerie Fantasy

In other news, it seems Evie’s Closet has teamed up for a second time with The Celestial Arcanum, owned by designer Daneel Chevalier. Their first collaboration was on a ring for Evie’s “Imperial” series, and this time Daneel is back with a custom-made necklace which matches each Elysian Gown.

They’re definitely worth a look if you plan to add this gem of a gown to your wardrobe. The prim work offers a sweet, gentle design and the colors are perfectly matched. They are currently only on offer at the Evie’s Closet Main Store.

Whether you want a beautiful new gown for Ballroom romance, need some sparkle for your inventory which isn’t 17th century bling, or if.. just if.. you’ve got a date with Legolas, grab this one from Evie’s Closet now.


~ by Evie Miles on March 1, 2008.

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