RFL Clothing Fair Special Editions at EC

With the opening of the Relay For Life Clothing Fair this week, there were 2 new releases from Evie’s Closet, both selling with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit the American Cancer Society! Check out the prettiness and head on over to her booth at the Clothing Fair to pick both of these up!

First up we have Devotion in Blaze. While my drow self looks a bit unhappy or fierce (as a true drow would, I promise I am thrilled to be in this lovely gown. Ladies, keep in mind this is a LIMITED EDITION and is available only at the Clothing Fair. Once the Fair is over its gone forever.

Evie's Limited Edition_Devotion

Next up we have Evie’s popular gown, Love Story, redone in Relay’s signature purple. This gown shimmers and shines in ways that so many designers are unable to capture. Its rich, radiant and this one is available only during the Relay season at the Clothing Fair and then at Evie’s Closet main location at Madison Place.

Evie's Special Edition_Love Story

Head on over to the fair, which by the way has raised about 2million Linden and they are only half way through, and pick up these gowns and feel great about your splurge because you are supporting a great cause. Go Relay!


~ by clairemcleod on March 20, 2008.

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