Something for the Lads….

Once again, Malakh Giles has produced some beautiful art, this time the newest Medieval Men’s outfit released by Avilion Mist.


Incorporating Sculpted Prims, the Ambassador ensemble comes with ridged shoulder detailing on the Cloak. The sculpts are clean, and the textures across the outfit are both rich and detailed.  

Permissions are Copy/Mod/No Xfer. (with the exception of Mod perms on the Cloak and top) Gift Vouchers are available.

Dan C

It comes in 7 colors, with both Gold and Silver trim options for a total of 14 different styles. (Including Cream, Black, White, Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Gothic Red – Pictured Above)

The complete outfit comes as 7 pieces, including the Sculpted/Flex Prim cloak, which also contains a script for sizing to ensure you have a perfect fit. You also receive a top, pants, a non-prim robe, the sculpted belt and two optional flex prim robes.

Something for the Lads

Ride your trusty steed to the Avilion Mist Fortress today, to pick up your own copy.

Credits after the Cut.

Model: Daneel Chevalier

Outfit: Ambassador by Avilion Mist

Gown in 1st photo: Mystic Gown in Green by Avilion Mist

Jewellry in 1st photo: Soujourner Collection Necklace by Avilion Mist/Peacock Headress for ETD Sofia by Eolande


~ by Evie Miles on April 4, 2008.

One Response to “Something for the Lads….”

  1. Any chance we will see something fae for the men at Evie’s closet? Your designs are so wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration.

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