Aurora on Parade

Introduced at the Relay for Life Clothing Fair, is a recent release from Evie’s Closet  – The Aurora Gown.

Aurora Red

A feast for the eyes, with clean textures that pop, the Aurora Gown is a little less formal than some of the Gowns Evie has created in the past. It works as a gown which might have been worn by a Tavern Wench, or something worn by a Lady for a walk in the woods.

 However, because the textures are so rich, it could no doubt be dressed up with some fancy hair and/or accessories.

Aurora BrownGreen

The outfit comes with a Jacket, Glitch Pants, Skirt Layer, Prim Flex Skirt (with Evie’s usual standard of flowing goodness) and Prim Sleeves.

The Flex skirt has two layers, the overskirt being a riot of fabrics which look to be hand-dyed with colors complimentary to the main hue of the gown. It really is just sheer fun to wear.

Aurora on parade

Grab a copy now at Evie’s Main Store.

Credits after the cut.

Model: Fainauriel Essel
Gowns: Aurora by Evie’s Closet
Hair: Victoria by Hair Solutions
Eyes: Pixeldolls
Ears: Hybrid
Skin: Sol 2D by The Abyss


~ by Evie Miles on April 7, 2008.

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