I spend a considerable amount of my time in Second Life outside of Roleplay Sims, and for those purposes I have a collection of pretty ‘jools’ from significant design houses such as Muse, BijouxOr (by Alienbear) and of course Random Calliope.

Now. If you’re a fan of the detail and decadence produced by these creators, I urge you to run as fast as you can to add the new Awen Collection from Malakh Giles on behalf of Avilion Mist to your inventory.

Suitable for Medieval Roleplay? Yes. But they are also singularly beautiful pieces of art, and the new collection offers something for everyone whether you’re really an Elf, of just a wannabe, wearing rubber prosthetic ears for the day and cracking jokes about your “other job” being an SL Fashion Blogger.

 Awen Use

The design premise is that of the Druidic ‘Awen’, which depicts three rays, emanating from three points of light. These are surrounded by three circles, ostensibly representing the three circles of creation, so sayeth the word of Wikipedia.

At the wise urging of his partner, Serenity Sieyes, Malakh has produced three variations on the same necklace.

One which features the Awen – a simple symbol translated beautifully – one with a Triskellion, (Don’t ask me how he made the prims do that!) and one with a simpler version of the original Awen, which is just a little less extravagant and perfect for wear in the greater SL community.


To accompany each necklace, there is a choice of circlet. One for both Awen pendants, and one to match the Triskellion. And if that weren’t magnificent enough, you can also opt for the pair of earrings which matches all of them.

Thoughtfully, the collection is offered in Gold, Silver and Gunmetal settings, and the stones contain a color-change script with 8 different colors to choose from.


The fit around an avatar’s neck is something of a touchy subject for me when it comes to jewelry. But these pieces show the same high standard as previous offerings from Avilion Mist, and for me, needed only a small nudge down the Z axis, courtesy of my avatar’s short stature. (Read: Stumpy neck.)

Awen 2 Use

The pieces are all incredibly detailed, with individual chain links and there is L$150 for the person who produces a photograph of Malakh wearing a pair of thick coke-bottle glasses, as he surely must be, after such extensive work with tiny prims.

Permissions are No Copy/No Mod/Transfer, so grab a set for yourself, then grab the other style, because you just couldn’t choose, and finally…. Get one for somebody else as a gift, to complete your very own Awen triad of precious jools!

Details after the Blip…

Jewelry: Awen Collection by Avilion Mist
Gowns: Ethereal Regency in Snow and Sapphire by Kouse’s Sanctum
Skin: Vogue Skin Ether/Void in Champagne by Celestial Studios
Hair: Loraine by ETD
Eyes: Mirror Blurple by Celestial Studios



~ by Evie Miles on April 19, 2008.

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