Sweet Aria

3 months ago, if you had cautiously opened the prim purse I like to keep my Lindens in, you would have been assaulted by a cloud of Moth poofer particles. Over the past 3 months, it has started to look a little healthier, due to the fact that Evangeline Miles, of Evie’s Closet has been on hiatus. But now that she’s back with a new gown released just this morning, I’m glad I saved my pennies.

The new gown, titled “Aria” comes in seven different colors, resulting in a chorus of “Oh god.. which should I choose?” in the Evie’s Closet update group chat.

 Aria Gown Amethyst

A beautiful empire-line gown, the Aria is textured with bright satin which falls from the chest attachment point (leaving the spine free for wings, yay!) and is encircled by a gold rope belt. Evie offers two different sleeve options with this gown, the first are small cap sleeves and the second are sumptuous, long, flowing affairs, which make the dress seem less like a simple gown, and more like elaborate robes.

 Aria Gown Red

There is also a prim wreath which comes with every gown, matched in tone, or if you are a Gorean Roleplayer, you’ll also be pleased to note that Evie has again begun including an optional Modesty Undershirt and Prim Veil. The Veil offers some pleasing detail and is not just one dismissive, random piece of “fabric” thrown across your face for good measure.

 Sweet Aria

All in all, a lovely re-introduction to Evie’s Closet. We hope to see even more, and soon…


~ by Evie Miles on July 7, 2008.

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