Evie taking over…

Okay, so I have a WordPress Blog somewhere, but I’ve forgotten what I called it, and the hope of remembering what my password is, the email address I used to sign up there, or the answer to my ‘secret question’ are all mysteries which have passed beyond reasonable comprehension. So the lovely girls at Glamorpuss have offered me the chance to write about my New Releases and other promotional ‘stuff’ right here, since they’re all off pursuing other interests right now. And I’m grateful!

So… Kicking off my first post, I wanted to blog about my new ‘Honor’ Gown.

Honor Gown in White

Some gowns just flow… others, are like pulling teeth. This one, took me about a month to complete, and fought me the whole way. It’s quite a formal gown… maybe somewhat less *fantasy* than some of my others… It comes with a plain collar and an alternative option lined with a gold accent. The top is also multiple choice, I’ve included both a low-cut version, and something a little more modest, so go nuts mixing and matching, and dressing it up or down.

Honor Brown

The belt and the sleeves are both made from sculpted prims, and these textures are entirely hand-painted from scratch. The skirt has an agreeable amount of flex and billow to it when you move, and for something a little different, I’ve added a fullness to the back… Kicks it up a notch. 

I went to the WONDERFUL Templum ex Obscurum to take some promotional shots of this gown, which I don’t normally do, but after all that hard work, I needed something a little more *fun* to balance it out. Tiny bit of photoshop magic later, and voila!

Honor Lithograph Black 2

You can pick up a copy of the Honor Gown in 7 different colors at any of my market stalls, or visit the Main Store at Madison Place by clicking HERE for a SLurl.

Evie's Closet New Release

Honor Gowns by Evie’s Closet

Hair (Model Hair 01 and 02, Rush) by ::69::

Hair (Ekaterina) by Hair Solutions

Bird of Paradise Headdress by Miriel

Skin by Laqroki

Eyes by Pixel Dolls

Wings Selenia Mulch Scripted  – Fancy Fairy


~ by Evie Miles on October 13, 2008.

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  1. AWESOME!!

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