Evie’s is Open!

So without a great deal of prior notice, or fanfare… My new Main Store is opening today.

The increasing traffic into the Main Store at Madison Place has become a problem, (of the best kind) and so I’ve finally jumped in head-first with my very own Sim.

The store itself is the same as the old one, only larger for now… But a new build is in the works, and that’s something I’m very excited about, because the builder I’ve got on the job is amazing.


The new Sim itself, is called “Time” which seems fitting, as this month marks the 1 year Anniversary of Evie’s Closet!

To celebrate, I’ve caved under the pressure and am offering previous “Group Gift” Gowns which have featured over the last 12 months, for purchase.  So if you missed out the first time, feel free to drop by. (Please note, this does NOT include the Limited Edition RFL Gowns)


They include the Aria Gown in White and Gold, and the Chimera Gown in Diamond. I recall the latter created a bit of an uproar when I locked the group to new members that month.. :/

Aria and Chimera

In addition, there is a new Bridal Section in Evie’s, with all of the Gowns traditionally suited to a ceremony on display, most of which also have a matching Flowergirl-Sized Gown for wedding perfection! Those that don’t yet… Will soon.

And speaking of Flowergirl-Sized Gowns, the Chimera Gowns are now available in “Tiny” – All six colors. They come with both the standard low cut version for Fairies and smaller Avatars, and a modesty option for Children. Gift Cards are always available, if you need to buy a Tiny Gown for someone special!

Evie's is Open

Click HERE for a SLurl to the New Store, and I’ll see you all there!

-Evie. xoxo

PS: Yes, the Halloween Lucky Chair Gown is still available.


~ by Evie Miles on October 18, 2008.

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