Evie’s Muse

The newest release from Evie’s Closet are the Muse Gowns.

Peach II

People have commented that these creations are slightly more ‘mainstream’ than most of my other designs. I suppose you could look at them that way. Personally, I still think they fit with the romantic, imagination-inspiring direction I try for when I work….


You can choose from 5 beautiful colors, all light and airy, and the flex prims respond with deliciously smooth, floaty movement. All in pastels, except for the Limited Edition version, which was a dramatic Red and Black affair. 150 Gowns were sold in lots of 50, spread over 24 hours, so people from all timezones had a chance to grab one. They had to be fast, though.. they sold within minutes… :/


The sleeves come with the option to be worn with, or without the long, flowing drapes, but otherwise, the design is really very simple… Sculpted waistband and arm wraps… some tricky prim-work to prevent alpha’s from competing which had me tearing out my hair, but it was worth it, in the end.

Buttercream II

Perfect for a romantic date, the plunging neckline is held together with a beaded prim catch, and you can pick up the matching lingerie from the Main Store, if you need to. 😉

Evie's Muse

Gowns: Muse Gowns from Evie’s Closet
Hair: Pepper II from Damselfly
Circlet: Amirah Headpiece from Illusions
Wreath: Laurel Wreath from HJC Jewelers
Wings: Tendril Wings in Pale from Fancy Fairy


~ by Evie Miles on November 5, 2008.

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