Evie’s Closet @ Oubliette

The words “Open Space” and “Homestead” will mean something to those content creators in Second Life who have been housing themselves on one recently. And thanks to the slightly dodgy “bait and switch” technique employed by Linden Labs, I recently found myself having to look for a new home for Evie’s Closet, a mere week after having moved the Main Store. :/

Not to worry, providence brought me….. to Oubliette.

Across the Loch

A vision dreamed and realised by Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash, Bagatelle and Trinketry, with the help of the lovely Elizabeth Tinsley, Oubliette is a gorgeously rendered Sim, just perfect for some Winter wandering this Christmas.

Set your sky to “Blizzard” and immerse yourself in the seasonal atmosphere.

Front View

The move to Oubliette suddenly required a new Evie’s Closet build, and to accomplish it, I turned to Ando Joubert of Symphonic.

The man is a genius, and achieved exactly what I envisioned.

After being shown only three very small, very smudgy photographs, and sharing a ten-minute conversation, he had the first viewing ready for me within a short few days.

Arial Shot

The textures are all custom made and created by Ando himself, making the new Evie’s Closet unique and very special indeed.

He was accommodating beyond belief, and very quickly seized on my preferences for colors and tones, bringing the place to life with his art.

Inside View

One of my pet peeves when shopping is having to run like a mouse through a maze to see everything and find what I want.

The old Evie’s build was purposefully very open, very airy, and I wanted to keep that feel, while not compromising on wall space to display my work.

Ando designed something smooth and simple, with all of the merchandise clearly visible within a few short steps, as you naturally flow through the store from front to back.

Inside View II

The clever design includes a removable center partition, and the ability to nestle a second story neatly on top, should I ever require additional space.

Ando’s grasp on my preferences and needs, was impressive.

I make Gowns, not Buildings. So having someone to anticipate and understand clearly what I was managing very poorly to express, was priceless.

Textures and Accent

Once the design was confirmed, Ando set about adding some of his own beautiful touches.

The tiny flower buds at the ends of the curlicues around the walls of the store, then translated into the fireflowers which burst open in a gorgeous chandelier hanging over the entrance. And the wild, organic lanterns which are set into each post as if they grew there, are one of my favorite aspects.


He also added his own signature to the building, which was a beautiful surprise when I discovered it. The plaque with it’s rusty patina, will always be a reminder of the history behind Evie’s Closet.

If you require a custom build, I could not recommend Symphonic highly enough. Contact Ando Joubert in-world, and allow him to create the Store, or Home, of your dreams.

symphonic logo

The view from the Evie’s Closet, back out into Oubliette is spectacular… With your draw distance set high enough, you can see clear across the Loch to Balderdash.

Evie's Closet @ Oubliette

There are teleports set up around the Sim for those who want to see it all in one moment, but I highly recommend wandering around on foot, if you have the time. As well as Evie’s Closet and Balderdash, Oubliette is home to Winx Home and Garden, and there are surprises around every corner.

To visit Evie’s Closet @ Oubliette… Click HERE.


~ by Evie Miles on December 6, 2008.

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