A Caterina Christmas @ Evie’s Closet

The newest release from Evie’s Closet, to celebrate the opening of the New Store, are the Caterina Gowns.

Wings by New Trails.

Taking a whole new direction yet again, from the Muse Gowns, Caterina is very regal, very formal and very Winter!

Blue 2
Hair by ::69::

The texture on the bodice of the gown, and the upper tiers of the skirt resembles crushed velvet, while the lower section has satin, overlaid with embroidered chiffon.

Trimmed in Gold – with the exception of the White – and with beautiful flex, they’re elegant, and perfect for both a Christmas Ball, or a Sleigh Ride in the Snow.

Caterina Violet Ad
Eyes by Pixeldolls

Offered in a total of eight different colors, there are two skirt lengths included.

One is for an avatar like Evie, with shorter legs and a shorter waist. The other, is fitted to a taller shape, with a longer torso.

Hopefully, it will make editing easier, for those who require it. As always, the prim pieces are copy/mod.

Photographs taken in Creative Fantasy Sim ‘Spellbound Woods

The incredible jewelry worn with the Gowns are the “Whisky and….” collection, from Balderdash, Bagatelle and Trinketry. They come with a necklace and earrings, and match these gowns to perfection.

And to save you some shopping time, you can collect your own copy from the Balderdash store, right across from Evie’s Closet in Oubliette.

A Caterina Christmas @ Evie's Closet

To visit Evie’s Closet and see the Gowns in-world, click HERE.


~ by Evie Miles on December 7, 2008.

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  1. […] For those who aren’t in the Christmas Mood, the Gown is offered as a regular line, without the extra accessories, in 8 different colors, some of which can be viewed HERE. […]

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