Limited Edition Christmas Gown

With only 16 days until Christmas, Second Life is awash with beautiful Wintery Scenes and Seasonal Wardrobes.

I’ve even been enjoying some of the offerings shown on the syndicated Fashion Feeds, finding ways to team old coats, with new leggings and scarves, etc, etc.

But I create Gowns, so once more I frocked up to blog about my Christmas Limited Edition Caterina Gown.

Ltd Ed Caterina

The special Gown, which will be withdrawn from Sale entirely after the end of December, adds a Wrap, a Hood and some beautiful bow details to the original design. (The Skirt comes with the option to wear with or without the bows, if the “frilly factor” is just too high.)

Limited Edition Christmas Gown 2

For those who aren’t in the Christmas Mood, the Gown is offered as a regular line, without the extra accessories, in 8 different colors, some of which can be viewed HERE.

I was also encouraged to keep the children and smaller avatars of Second Life in mind, and so I have reduced the Limited Edition Caterina into a Tiny Size, complete with the extra accessories. Gift Cards are available at the Main Store, if the Gown needs to be purchased on someone’s behalf.

Tiny ltd ed caterina 1

The Tiny Version comes with only one skirt, but two different sleeve options. And for those with concerns about modesty, an additional top with an extra panel covering the chest was created, and is included in the pack. The original was kept in, for those who are not children, but are simply smaller.

Limited Edition Christmas Gown

To collect your copy of either the Adult Size, or the Child’s Size Limited Edition Caterina Christmas Gown, visit Evie’s Closet in world – HERE.

My apologies for forgetting to include the following:

Gowns: Evie’s Closet
Skins: Alison by Laqroki (on Tiny Evie) and a Custom Skin from Soda – (On Adult Evie)
Eyes: Pixeldolls
Hair: Ana by ETD (On Tiny Evie) and The Ginza by Armidi (On Adult Evie)


~ by Evie Miles on December 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Limited Edition Christmas Gown”

  1. OMGGGGGGG It’s so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That gown is beautiful! /me whispers…now please tell me what skin you’re wearing, please. 🙂

    • Hi Joone,

      My apologies, I usually remember to put all of that info in.

      It’s the same old skin for me on the little avatar, Alison from Laqroki. I think she’s redone them at least once…. but check it out anyway. 🙂

      As for the Adult, that’s a custom Skin from Soda…

      Thank you!

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