Emo Freebie Evie…

Mmmmkay, so this is not a new topic. But after this month’s Evie’s Closet Update-Group-Gift-Gown Promotion, I’m going to have a little whirl around the “Freebie Culture” block.

Emo Freebie Evie

To those people who use up a valuable Group Spot to support Evie’s Closet, I like to give a little “Thank you” every month.

It’s more often that not, a fresh recolor of an existing Gown line, and is absolutely representative of the kind of product you’d receive, should you choose to part with your Lindens and buy something from the Store.

However, this month, I closed the Evie’s Closet Group. That meant, that unless you were an existing member at the time the Group was taken off “Open Enrollment” you weren’t eligible for the Group Gift Gown.

No Group Tag = No Gift.

The backlash was, frankly, quite extraordinary. I could paste them all, but War & Peace has already been written, and the majority would require me to edit out naughty words and replace the post with “#$%@^&*@#$!!” So this ought to be enough of a taste to get you in the mood:

[14:31] Disgruntled: thanks for the gift but its not okay that you closed your group.. i am not sure if i want still be in your group ..

[13:47] Annoyed: evangeline in this time closed your group is hard to understand.. its holy chrismastime..

[09:03] Cranky: I just spent thousands of Lindes and have before, and when I was new I belonged to your group. And so for that, I am being punished. Well, pffft on that! I guess you don’t need my Lindens, either.

And furthermore…

[09:05] Cranky II: These are the last purchases I will make at Evie’s, sad to say, but this is outrageous. Look up my account history, back to July/Aug, and today.

After I got done envisioning my new role as Second Life’s very own Ebeneezer Scrooge and scraped myself up off the floor, I started to think about what might happen if we took this overblown sense of entitlement to the Real World…

“Hi… Bloomingdales? Yes, it’s Evangeline Miles here. And I’m really p*ssed that it’s Christmas and you don’t have a free Cashmere Sweater available to everyone.”

Or what about… “Listen up, Walmart. I’ve spent eight hundred dollars here this year, and I didn’t buy a ticket in your Christmas Raffle, but I’ll be damned if I’m leaving without one of those Hampers!”

……… Yeah.

So how to combat the angst?

It was gently suggested by many wiser folk than I, (To whom I am grateful) that I may wish to follow in the footsteps of some more notable Merchants and add a Fee to my Group Enrollment. I hear the going rate is around L$250.00.

Well, I’m not sure Evie’s Closet warrants that kind of figure, and I certainly don’t need a pile of NEW Harry Potter Howlers in my mailbox…

So I thought a nice, neat and tidy little L$100 might do the trick.

Here’s hoping it saves my sanity, that it doesn’t disgruntle too many people, and that it still permits those with limited Lindens to position themselves for some quality Free Stuff.

Thanks for listening to my rant, and the Happiest of Holidays to you all. ❤

Products Used In Picture:

Sim: Oubliette
Hair: MMS – Vanessa
Pose: Long Awkward Pose – Why?
Shoes: Shiny Things – Clara Slingbacks
Skirt: Cachet – Marianne skirt -Tartan Dark
Sweater: Cachet-Turtle Neck -Black


~ by Evie Miles on December 16, 2008.

39 Responses to “Emo Freebie Evie…”

  1. Hi Evangeline, I’d like to say I understand and support your decision to charge what amounts to less the price of a cup of coffee in RL, to be a member of your update group. I recently did the same, after explaining the situation to my group members. Overwhelmingly the majority decided to stay in the group rather than miss out on gifts that are never made available to the public. We are in business here, and whilst it is lovely to be able to be generous, that doesn’t pay the tier!

  2. To those of you out there that would dare to harass such a giving person as Evangaline Miles, shame on you…seriously! This is a woman who devotes her time to her business and the happiness of those around her. It is a PRIVILEGE that you could join her group for free and a PRIVILEGE that she graces everyone with some of the most high quality items you can find in SL as a freaking GIFT. I am truly ashamed at anyone that would badger a person as kind as Evie. Serious, how ungrateful.

    I personally hope that those of you out there that support Evie and other merchants out there take a long hard look at people who would exploit group hopping. Understand that not everyone in the word has good intentions and some people are only out for themselves. Those are the people that force creators to close groups during free gift periods and it is with good reason.

    Everyone should take a long hard look at themselves and ask what kind of person they really are in their heart…and if you can honestly say that crying about a gift is ok, then you need to evaluate something and fast!!

  3. Evie I just have to say I totally support you and I’m thrilled that the group will open up again. I was devasted when I couldn’t rejoin the group and not because I wanted the freebies. The freebies are great, but being notified of new releases to me is much more. I’ll gladly pay the 100L to get back in the group.

    The sense of entitlement is growing in SL and I honestly don’t know how to stop it. Two years ago when I joined SL it certainly wasn’t like this.

    Good luck Evie, I love your gowns/dresses and I’m sure I’ll be back for more!

  4. Wow… you’re neither the first nor the last shop owner to close membership while a gift’s available, and that sort of backlash is ridiculous. Group gifts are just that: GIFTS. *shakes head at entitlement jerks*

    I’m glad you aren’t letting those rotten apples discourage you from doing as you like with your group and your products, and I think L$100 is a reasonable group join fee.

  5. It seems every year, that the demons attack those of good will and cheer…Sad this is, but sadder still is when it disheartens those of good will. ‘Tis the intent of the one who sent these demons to leave a heavy weight upon the shoulders so that the urge to continue good deeds is all but squealched. An *EC* gown was one of my very first purchases in sl. To my surprize a monthly gift of extraordinary quality was offered as well. I shake my head in disbelief that you have had to endure such treatment lady Evangaline. Take not the weight of the demons upon you…for you are a most generous and kind soul…allow those who support you to be heard over those who would criticise. I know no other fine taylor who is as generous as you have been!!! I for one thank you for your thoughtfulness to your customers and will continue to but your gowns as long as a linden remains in my hot little hands!!! 🙂

  6. OMG you have been one of the most extraordinarily generous designers on the grid. You sent me a free gown for my wedding fairy officiator when all I asked for was a transfer version. You GIVE us gowns of incredible quality month after month after month. If anyone is an Ebenezer Scrooge, it is those who ungenerously complain that your generosity should have no bounds or limitations. Well, bah humbug on them all and have a Merry Christmas from those of us who are grateful for your beautiful work.

  7. Alas, I too was upset when I realized the group had been closed. Oh but wait, not because it was closed for the gift, but because I had over looked rejoining when I had done group shuffling in the past. I think I kicked myself for a full week once I saw the gift that I had missed and that it wasnt available in the store to purchase. It was exactly what I have been looking for for a certain set of pictures, but then again, your gowns always are. I still have the bruises from my own self kickin! I love your work, enough so that my alt has taken to shopping with you as well (the muse gown and lingerie being my latest obsession). Never let the ‘bah meh where is mine’ people get you down. You can bet that I watched and the moment the group was open to enrollment again I leaped back in! I would have even paid the $250L if you had chosen to price it that way. Looking forward to your next release and I hope you and yours have a fabulous holiday even while muddling through the greedy behavior of SL Scrooges.

  8. Evie has been inspirational to me since I was new & first found her store. I encourage my friends and customers to shop with her when I do not have what they want, and will encourage them to pay a joining fee any day. $100L I would easily pay as an existing member, never having “hopped” from day one. It is shameful how people would dare to complain about not getting a gift. Really now, is that the nature of Christmas? Demanding a gift? Santa would give you a lump of coal for sure!

  9. Evie I’ve been in your group for…oh I don’t even know how long. But it’s one of the few groups I never even consider dropping when I have to free up a group slot. And truth be told, half the time I forget to even go grab the group gift (I’ve missed out on several that caused me to /facepalm afterwards.) You are totally within your right to close your group and/or set an enrollment fee as you see fit and anyone that wants to complain can frankly sit down and shut up. You do great work and believe it or not there are plenty of us that DO appreciate your hard work and generosity. So don’t let the haters get you down. *hugs*

  10. Geeeeeeeeeeez. I think you’ve made the right decision to weed out the jerkwads. I’d say you’re well worth 250L, though. :p

  11. Evangeline, yours is one of the few fashion update groups that I belong to. I think it’s important to support designer/creators not just for the freebies but to return the favour by buying the clothes.
    Although in the past I probably did join and leave groups for the free stuff, the practice never really sat well with me. I always try to return and buy, whether in a group or not. SL(and the Lindens) provide
    the platform for you all to create, sell and share your creativity but it’s the Creative people who make this place what it is and why I come here.

  12. On the one hand I must agree with you that it’s cheap at twice the price, and Evangeline is very generous. On the other, this is NOT real life, and that’s kinda the point. I love Evie’s Closet and if I had enough groups I would never leave it. Unfortunately, I must have groups for the land on which I have shops, for the friend’s club which I assist at, for the land where I live and work to make things for my shop, for the group where I advertise my freebies and thereby get business to make my tiers, and there just isn’t one left for a permanent spot for any shop. In real life we can join as many store prefered groups as we like. We have that option taken from us in SL and must limit ourselves to what even the Lindens have admitted is an arbitrary limit they have set. It has been stated both in the blog and by more than one Linden to me they could give us more and simply don’t. I personally think the answer to this is to start bugging LL for more group spots. Have you hugged a Linden today and asked for more group spots? Started a Jira asking for them and encouraged thousands to check it as important to them? If not, then no, I don’t think you can complain too much, and I am as guilty as anyone else of not making a case for what is important to me. I am Gertie Packbiers in world and if you are interested in making a case for more groups, contact me.

  13. It’s entirely wrong to harass you for closing your group. YOu made it very clear you were planning to do so beforehand (and I made sure I was in the group before it was closed because I love your items) I hope those people are feeling like stupid noodle heads for not the way they treated you.

    Thank you so much for your beautiful work and your generous gifts. *huuuuugs tight*

  14. its been said above already.. those who appreciate what you do, totally understand and support your decision.. those who use and abuse, will cry and complain the most.. please do not succumb to or let these “squeaky rusty user wheels” get to you.

  15. This is so sad… but is also one of the reasons why I believe the freebie culture is/will ruin SL.

  16. I’ll admit that I was disappointed when the update group was closed…but I went on with my life and vowed to join again when it opened once more. Silly SL and it’s 25 group limit. -_- But the people that acting like complete jerks to you are just plain..ergh. Seriously. Please don’t let them get to you too badly. The 100L group joining fee is definitely a good idea in my opinion, and I really hope I can clear out another group soon. ^^

  17. Evie…

    You’re not alone. Hya of Silent Sparrow just had to change her chair to group only, and it takes a long time to get into her group.

    Some people are just rude and don’t realize how much they screw it up for the rest of us.

  18. Evie, I know that must have been a hard decision to come to, but I incredibly much support your decision. Evie’s Closet is one of the groups I am always in – I hate that there are not enough group slots to go around when it comes to system supported groups… it makes it frustrating on the part of designers and consumers alike. It is not, however, grounds for abusing a creator for wanting to give a gift just to those who have loyally dedicated a slot to your group.

    Your group gifts are beyond compare – 100l for entry into the group is a bargain. Don’t let yourself get down because some people are fools to realize what it is that you give them.

  19. Thinks it’s sad that people complained.

    I often have to delete one group to make room for another – but I do so knowing that it means I forfeit the right to any freebies or specials the group receives.

    I think it’s totally fair to close off your group to invitation only for a period of time – or permanently or to charge a fee as you like. Particularly if you are generously giving stuff away. Some people chose to keep your group over all others while others join and leave and join depending what’s on offer.

    I’m interested to know how many of the people that receive your gifts every bother to send you a thank you.

    Content creators often spend hours of time creating quality items – and they get very little compensation for that time, if any. I have lots of friends who create content that give me stuff and I don’t mind if I’m testing for them but if they generously give and give and give I like to return the favour by gifting them something I think will be useful for their business, hobbies… or something they’ll enjoy.

    I think those customers who have stamped their delicate little feet and told you they are not spending their Lindens with you any more are saying more about themselves than they are saying about your service.

    Whatever you do in life… some one is going to disagree… my motto is to do what I think is right while taking care not to be unnecessarily reckless with other people’s hearts/feelings. In this case it’s only their sense of greed and entitlement that has been offended.

  20. Thank you for the beautiful gowns you’ve given us as gifts. Yours is one of the groups I haven’t left at all 🙂

  21. Holy cow. Where the heck is the respect for you? You are being awesome and rewarding people who are in your group! Ugh, people like that suck.

  22. I’ve not shopped at your store, but for some reason, this post *makes* me want to go and join your group. Too bad I don’t have access until tonight. 🙂

  23. Bah humbug to these ugly people who complain so much. Evie has never been anything but gracious and helpful when I’ve spoken with her. And to get lovely gifts in addition to announcements of gorgeous new releases? I’m very picky about my groups, and Evie’s Closet is one I don’t ever consider quitting. And for those of you who have nothing better to do than to be ugly to such a generous creator, go find something else to do. Just because we’re anonymous in SL does not mean that it’s ok for us to be nasty and greedy. Tis the season to be merry and grateful. And I’m grateful to be a member of Evie’s Closet!

  24. It’s fascinating how fast they will turn on the hand that feeds them. More than likely these are people who would never have sent you a note or IM to thank you for your previous generosity but have no problem berating you for NOT giving….them….something for….FREE? -laughs- how ridiculous does that sound when you actually say it out loud??

    No worries Evie. I think back on what a former boss of mine (who owned her own business) said to the man who screamed he spent lots of money in her place and deserved something for free…”Do you see that line of people at the door? Does it looks like I need your business you Ass? Get the hell out!” I loved her in that moment.

    Luckily the ones who do appreciate your work and thoughtfulness far outweigh those few nimrods. The cool thing about those comments you got…jerks usually don’t take long to identify themselves when you do something in your own best interest.

    GL and if you need pumping up, just look to everyone else that admires and supports your business.

    PS:LOL at the twit who said you should “Look up my account history, back to July/Aug” ROFL. That killed me

  25. This is one of the groups I make sure to stay in as well, however at times the group limit makes a muss of things. I had been helping a friend shuffle different parcels of land and just picked whatever groups I could that I knew I could rejoin and completely forgot to rejoin any of the ones I had left…so not everyone changes group membership simply to freebie hunt. Each and every group I have is valuable to me save for one, but its a joke and we all need humor somewhere lol. I still think its ridiculous for anyone to complain about not receiving a group freebie and they should be ashamed of themselves for rudeness about it as well. Beyond all this, because it just is sucking the Holiday Spirit outta people, I am looking forward to a new year filled with Evies Closet purchases! Someone warn my inventory count. =)

  26. Wow how rude of those ungrateful people for compelainign about not getting a freebie that is so worth paying 250L to join your wonderful group.I hate that SL has only 25 groups.I wish it was 30-40.

  27. While I don’t necessarily agree with charging to join a group… I always find it annoying as I’m currently jobless… I completely understand why you have chosen to do this and support your decision.

    No one who would treat you that way deserves free anything. You don’t even *have* to give out free dresses *at all*, and I’m always grateful that you do, especially with the constant quality of your products.

  28. I am so sorry that you had to endure the abuse that you did…i joined SL in 2006 and a freebie usually consisted of a logo t-shirt or something someone made that was deemed not good enough to sell…the sense of entitlement in SL today is absolutely ridiculous…people need to realize that they are not entitled to anything they want…and it is hard to believe that these are adults you had to deal with
    BTW…the 100L to now join your group is well worth paying every time you put a new gift out (although i have been in your group for months now)…so if people can’t part with 100L it is their loss

  29. i got married in one of your gowns. i always want to be a part of your list. i dont pay much attention to these list issues much and found i had to rejoin evies by paying up. no doubt its all worth it. now i will NOT drop the evies for room anymore. muagh evi. ty for everthing you do. here to stay, xo.

  30. Have you Been Naughty or Nice!!!!
    Shame on those who left nasty comments. Please let me remind you what a ” Gift” is.

    1 : something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show favor toward someone, honor an occasion, or make a gesture of assistance; present.

    2 : something voluntarily transferred by one person to another

    3 : the act, right, or power of giving

    Its our right as Designers, or just as people to pick and choose who we give gifts to. Great you have supported her group, but that should have been out of love of her products and designs, and to keep up on upcoming releases. If you where in the group because you received gifts, you where in it for the wrong reason. I would love to know how many of you have gave Evie a gift for the holidays as a act of kindness for all her generosity this year? Not because she gave you gifts all year, but just a act of kindness because she is such a wonderful person, and has a huge heart. To the girl that left the comment: “its holy chrismastime..” you are right. So why don’t you and all that wrote these Ims to her, try again, and thank her for all the gifts you did receive, it’s the holidays people now show it!

    On another note Merry Christmas to all of you that do truly support “Evies Closet” and her amazing Designs. She is a one of a kind and I respect her work with all my heart. Happy Holidays Evie, I love ya and you are amazing.
    Xoxooxox Moxie Polano

  31. You go get ’em, girl. It is so rare to see a designer who wants to turn *anyone* away, let along the jerkwads who only go around grabbing freebies just because they don’t have lindens to purchase to quality. Your freebies have always been the best, and your gowns are even better.

    I don’t know whether it was meant that way, but this will surely get rid of the girls who don’t have any lindens.

    GOOD FOR YOU. Dump the riffraff

    • Well… no, it really wasn’t meant that way, especially because I still plan to run Lucky Chair promotions, etc which will be open Grid-Wide to anyone at all. It’s more just to give people pause for thought when joining/leaving my Group. I’m tired of people sending me hate mail, because they feel they ought to be able to grab my work for Free, just because they have an account in Second Life. It doesn’t work that way.

  32. Dear LORD, what is wrong with these people? A group gift is … a group gift. For people in a group. It’s also very generous, and hardly to be demanded. When someone gives something for free, you do not complain, you thank them. If you miss out on it, you join the group and hang around for the next round. SOME PEOPLE’S CHILDREN, REALLY NOW. Why is courtesy and appropriate behavior a thing of the past? Someone should tell these people that no matter how pretty the dress, a troll dolled up is still a troll.

    You see? This is why we can’t have nice things. ~_~

  33. Greetings.
    I must confess that I’ve visited the store for the first time today. My bad.
    I’ve found high quality products so I’ve immediately joined the group.
    I feel sorry about the impolite comments you’ve received, bad manners are so popular in SL…
    I don’t mind pay a fee when the products are well designed and as most of your customers have already stated above, just ignore harsh drama-people and go on with your lovely work.

  34. Hi Evie, Cezare here. I hope you remember me.

    As you remember I have a shop too and recently I replaced my store group for Subscribos. I was tired to see spam of advertisement, often in foreigner country, on other groups and decided to close mine and prevent my customers to be exposed to such.

    I agree 150% with your decision to charge a fee to your group. You can be sure people won’t be joining just to spam and bother your valued customers for example.

    On top of that, it’s time people would realize that having a Freebie is not a “right”, but a “privilege”. So many people join a group, grab the gift and leave. There are many that do it every day. and I can understand people who do that when they’re still 2 months old, but I see veterans doing so. Very annoying.

    Group-only gifts ensure our customers that they are important for us, valued above the average Joe, because they don’t have just a freebie that is just there for everyone.

    So, you have my full support and understanding, for what’s worth it.

    Best wishes always from an old friend,


  35. […] Medieval and Roleplay Glamour! « Emo Freebie Evie… A Heartfelt “Thank You”. December 20, 2008 I’m just dashing off a quick […]

  36. Evie I cannot believe that antone would stoop so low and to send you abuse for not giving them something for free. I also think it would be fair to say that anyone who would send such abuse is someone who has never bought anything from you and never intends to. So well done in sorting the trash from the treasure.

    By closing the group or charging a fee to join you are showing that you value the people who have stayed with you. Even though I am no longer in the group I thoroughly support your decision to value the people in your group over those that just wanted a freebie.

    You make lovely things and are very generous with your gifts.

  37. Hey Evie!
    I can only repeat what others have said before: gifts are gifts. No one has the right to demand them. I love your group, I love your store, and I am amazed that you have the time to make those wonderful gowns without asking us to pay you more than a single Linden Dollar to honor this work every month.
    Your gowns are some of the best, probably the best, fantasy gowns and I am drooling every time I am in the store because I cannot decide which gown to pick in which colour (One day I will have your whole store in my inventory :D).
    Today I’ve treated myself with two of your fantastic creations because I passed my last exam at university and do now graduade with two degrees. (WOHOO)
    You are truly an inspiration in what is possible to create in SL (I wish I had your talent!) and also in generousity. And everyone who demands a gift, starts fighting around a lucky chair or what other rude behaviour seems to be common around freebies these days should start asking themselves what they are giving away for free to others.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays!!


  38. Evie, I just discovered you are now writing this blog, which I’ve forgotten to check for months and months. So I just discovered this sad kerfuffle, and I wanted to say that I wholly support your decision. And I’m so glad I never budged from this group. It’s a sad comment on SLociety that so many good designers have to do this. You are one of the most generous designers we’ve got. Don’t let the “entitled” get you down.

    I arrived in SL with an Evie’s Closet shopping list 🙂 from reading this very blog. In fact, my “Holy Cow! I can wear stuff like that?!!” reaction to this blog was what finally got me to give in and try SL. Your shop was the first one I ever went to after my friends taught me how to use a slurl, the first place I ever spent a linden, and your group was the very first one I joined on that first day before I even knew how chat worked (blush). I have the same reason for juggling groups other people have – land, creative work, special projects, relationships and community – it’s never about the gifts. That said, I treasure every one of yours that I’ve been lucky enough to receive. Thank you!

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