I was barely more than a noob when I first stumbled across an utterly enchanting Gypsy Camp at random while aimlessly wandering the grid. And that place soon became my haven. My own secret place in Second Life where I could go. For the mood, for the beauty, and for the music. I’ve never forgotten it.

This Gown is a tribute, to the sublime creator of that Camp and the countless other wonderful things which she has produced over the years, including the Sim, Oubliette. She is Saiyge Lotus, of Balderdash, Bagatelle and Trinketry and is simply… a lovely soul.

Castle_0115 copy

The basic dress itself, has long draping sleeves, and a beautiful long ballgown skirt, with a moderate train. It has distinctive flex and won’t fly out into broken panels, exposing your legs as you dance, or as you move.

fun with brushes

The main gown also comes with a sculpted prim wreath, with colored flowers nesting in bunches of ivy, and rich, sculpted mini panniers which work as a belt, resting just on the top of the hips. These, and the draped sleeves have glass beads scattered across them.

Castle_0118 copy

There are a number of ways to wear the Saiyge Gown, when purchased with the Add-On Pack – “Saiyge Encore”. The Add-On Pack cannot be worn without the Main Gown, but once you have both, you will find two more sleeve options and a bonus modern skirt.

Castle_0119 copy

The first sleeve option includes long sleeves, with lace trim at the top of the arms, and prim cuffs at the wrists. The second choice provides a sleek, sleeveless option. Both can be worn with the Ballgown skirt OR with the elegant slimline skirt also included with the Add-On.


I chose to present the extra pieces separately, instead of lumping them all together in the one pack, to preserve the price point for Evie’s Closet customers. The original gown can be purchased at the standard price, for all to enjoy. The add-on, is then available for those who wish to have it for just a ittle bit more.

To grab a copy of the Gown – and the matching jewelry by Saiyge Lotus (More on that soon) – head to the Evie’s Closet Main Store.

Gowns: Saiyge by Evie’s Closet (Main Gown and Add-On Pack)
Jewelry: Evangeline by Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash
Skin: Alison by Laqroki
Eyes: Miriel


White Well 58
::69:: Model Hair One
Truth Elizabeth 2


LAP – Superchick
Designina – Fairy 10
Luth – ArtyV205
Sine Wave – Maple Syrup Dance
Torridwear – Vain 04
Sims: (in order): (1) Halcyon, (2) Anarchy, (3-5) Oubliette


~ by Evie Miles on January 5, 2009.

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