Mutual Admiration.

As the Saiyge Gowns developed, magic built around Oubliette and the Fates (or perhaps the Graces) whipped up discussions about collaborative works and how wonderful it might be to bounce inspiration and ideas off other like-minded creatives…

I embraced the idea of a complementary set of jewels for this Gown with a great lack of social decorum and much gleeful squealing, instead. I swear I turned a lovely shade of puce holding my breath… waiting to see what Saiyge Lotus – Balderdash designer and architect – dreamed up.

And she did not disappoint.

Saiyges Jewels

She has created a delicate strand of pearlescent seeds, interspersed with gemstones and presented in a gentle byzantine style. The necklace hits appropriately on the collarbone, emphasizing the decolletage presented by the Gown.

It sits well, without the static indifference of some neck pieces, which either stick out too far in front, or sink into your shoulders when pursuing the perfect fit. You can almost feel the subtle weight of the beads, falling around your avatar’s throat.

Enhancing that effect is the pretty accent which brushes down the back of the neck, adding something extra to the design. The piece has a soft glow, and the gems offer a depth of texture reminiscent of the real thing.

Saiyges Jewels Necklace

To dress the earlobes of your Second Life self, Saiyge has included a set of earrings, using the same pearlescent beads and gemstones, working them into tiny, intricate echoes of the necklace itself. Each set is sold with the earrings included and must be seen to truly appreciate their detail. And.. you have a choice of 8 luscious colors.

Saiyges Jewels Earring

Now if you’ll excuse me… Spring has sprung on Oubliette, and with random rain showers par for the course on these beautiful grounds, I must hurry indoors or risk sporting a hairdo like a golliwog.

Mutual Admiration.

To discover the wonder of Oubliette, and pick up a copy of Saiyge’s jewels… (She’s named the set “Evangeline” which I find frightfully flattering….)

….Go here.

Jewelry: “Evangeline” by Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash, Bagatelle and Trinketry

Gown: “Saiyge” by Evie’s Closet

Skin: Alison by Laqroki

Eyes: Miriel

Sim: Oubliette


~ by Evie Miles on January 6, 2009.

One Response to “Mutual Admiration.”

  1. LOVELY! Great Work Ladies!!!!!

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