Evie’s Closet Group Gift

It’s that time again…

Those individuals fortunate enough to belong to the Evie’s Closet SL Update Group (Yes, the old fashioned kind which takes up a Group Spot, and extracts a commitment of L$100 so terrible and binding even shouting “Rumpelstiltskin!” couldn’t break it…) can toddle on down to the Main Store and collect a copy of the January, 2009 Group Gift.

January 09 Muse Freebie

I know, I know.. Spring isn’t here yet, but it sprung on Oubliette a few weeks back. Lifting a small, yet glorious portion of the grid away from Winter’s icy, grey clutches for your entertainment, and offering you a nice dose of Vitamin D, courtesy of the sunshine.

So to help combat that lingering seasonal depression, I revamped the Muse Gown with a quirky color palette and a light little cape, made with sculpted flowers pinned to either shoulder. (Actually, the whole thing attaches to your spine, go figure.)

Group Gift

You can pick it up by wearing your Group Tag and paying L$1 to the sign which is immediately inside the Evie’s Closet Main Store, and to your left. Can’t miss it.

Then you, too, can frolic around in the flowers on Oubliette, taking fantastic photopgraphs and sending them all our Flickr Stream which is here.

Evie's Closet Group Gift

Speaking of photos, there are still 5 days left until the Evie’s Closet Photo Contest closes. You can pick the details up at the Main Store when you go for the Gown, and put yourself in the running to win L$10,000.

Style card for these photos is tucked in with the Gown. That’s all for now!


~ by Evie Miles on January 15, 2009.

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