Limited Edition Valentine’s Gowns

For those of you who love Pink, taste the Cotton Candy Love – Limited Edition 2009. It’s sharp and sassy, comes with two sleeve options, and the Prim face veil pictured.

75 of these Gowns in total will be sold, and then retired forever.

Pinque Valentine's Ad

Pink isn’t for everyone, and so the Queen Of Hearts – Limited Edition 2009 came to life. With it’s darker, sexier vibe, the Red is passionate and strong.

150 of the Red will be offered in total, before they too, are retired.

Limited Edition Valentine's Gowns

People in different Time Zones have, in the past, appreciated a staggered release of Limited Edition Products across a 15+ hour period. It has proven to benefit those who might otherwise have been sleeping, or stuck at work when the Gowns were presented for sale.

Accordingly, I’ve already distrubuted two separate waves of the Gowns over the last 12 hours.

Evie’s Closet Group Members were notified directly for the first two releases, their membership affording them the option of “First Buy” before word spread. If you’re not a member, and would like to.. you know.. not miss out on Updates, New Releases, Freebies and Promotions from the store, feel free to join up.

But if you just wish you had something for Valentine’s Day, that not everybody and their Scripted Corgi will have, you’re welcome to head to Evie’s Closet at approximately 5:00am, Wednesday, February 11th SLT, when the last of the Gowns will be presented. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, from Evie’s Closet! ❤

Cotton Candy Love
Skin: “Pinque” by Gala Skins
Hair: Model Hair 01 in Off Black by ::69::
Eyes: Obsidian Adorable by Pixel Dolls
Poses: Photo Prop Circle by LAP

Queen of Hearts
Skin: “Vivian 15” by Redgrave Skins
Hair: Sovereign by Sky Everett Designs
Eyes: Sapphire Standard by Miriel
Poses: LAP and Boudoir Rouge
Backdrop: Time, Time, Time by Balderdash, Bagatelle and Trinketry


~ by Evie Miles on February 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Limited Edition Valentine’s Gowns”

  1. Wow, this distribution seems rather complicated. How on Earth do you keep up with it?

    Anyway, great clocks. Do they come with the gowns?

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