Garlands and Wreaths at Evie’s Closet

You may have seen these in store already – The Innocence Flower Garlands.

The garlands have detailed filigree work in your choice of gold or silver metal, scattered liberally with sculpted leaves and flowers. AND they come with a Color Picker HUD. Beauty and functionality combined.

The HUD is incredibly intuitive to use, and permits you to match virtually any item in your wardrobe. You can select your color, favorite shade and desired level of saturation for both the flowers and the foliage.

Get yours at the Main Store now.

The Wreath of Flowers is another new item available at Evie’s closet. A lovely sculpted prim wreath with green leaves and colored flowers. It also includes the Color Picker HUD. Originally released in single colors with the Saigye Gowns, now you can wear the one wreath, and match everything.

The pic below shows a screenshot of the hud…all you have to do is point and click, simple!

We previously blogged about the RFL Aventine Gown and there’s a little more to tell you about the RFL Clothing Fair.

The Flower Hair Pin pictured below was donated to the Clothing Fair, and is one of the prizes included in the RFL Treasure Hunt. Drop by to hunt down your Free copy! It includes the HUD and both flowers and leaves can be tinted to match your outfit.

Also at the RFL Stall, is the Flower Bangle pictured below. It was created by Faery Sola from Studio Sidhe and matches the RFL Aventine Gown. It’s available at Evie’s Closet on Sim #2 “The Caspian Sea” of the RFL Clothing Fair.

100% of the proceeds of the Flower Bangle will be donated to the Relay For Life automatically, via the special vendors, with proceeds being passed to the American Cancer Society.

If you haven’t dropped by yet to pick up a copy of the RFL Aventine or the matching Studio Sidhe Flower Bangle, the Fair is open all week.

Visit the other Merchants while you’re there and support an amazing charity!

RFL Aventine Gown
Apple Fairy Group Gift
Saiyge Gown
All from the Evie’s Closet stall at the Relay For Life Clothing Fair – Sim #2 “The Caspian Sea”

Bangle: RFL Flower Bangle by Studio Sidhe

First pic: Aimee by Maitreya and Angelina in Chocolate copper by Zero Style
Second pic: “Impassion” by [ND]
Third pic: Kiera black hair by Sky Everett

Grace Nat DarkEyes NudeLips by [PXL]
Elizabeth ~ shy by Tuli

Sun Babies Pose Set by [LAP]
2 poses from the *Luth* Classy Set by Reel Expression


~ by Marjolein on March 19, 2009.

6 Responses to “Garlands and Wreaths at Evie’s Closet”

  1. YAY! OMG I love love LOVE my flower garland, it’s just so beautiful!!! and seriously it is EASY to use (I never read instructions…ever… and could work it out without any drama what so ever!) also, the colour picker is pure genius, you can have flowers in your hair no mater what you’re wearing or wherever you’re going… you’ll look great!

  2. […] Glamorpuss […]

  3. Amazing pics!! ❤

  4. Thanks, Ana!

    All credit goes to TearSong Vaughn, my talented new assistant!
    Ooops, should have mentioned good post! Waiting for the next one!

  5. *smiles* ty. Had so much fun taking those pics and I simply adore the garlands and wreath ❤

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