Evie’s Closet Apple Fairy Group Welcome Gift

Good news for those of you who are constantly struggling with the 25 groups limit!

Evie’s Closet switched to a a new group, which is hosted by HippoGroups and runs externally. The new group takes no Second Life group slot, and it has no enrollment fee.

When you join you receive the following group welcome gift:

The Apple Fairy gown is a little empire line dress with flower sleeves and beautiful wings. Flexi and non-flexi versions of the wings are included.

Evie's Closet Apple Fairy Group Welcome Gift

So stop by one of the Evie’s Closet locations listed below to sign up for the new group and get your group gift. All you’ll have to do it touch the Group Joiner sign and you will receive the Apple Fairy gown, stay informed about Evie’s Closet and receive vouchers for new monthly group gift gowns when available.

Evie’s Closet Main Store in Oubliette
Evie’s Closet at Vanity Fayre
Evie’s Closet at Haute Couture

For those of you who are a member of the Evie’s Closet SL group: Once you have successfully joined the new group, you can leave the SL one since it will be shut down when the transition is complete.

Dress: Evie’s Closet Apple Fairy Group Welcome Gift from Evie’s Closet

Hair : Dana in Dark Copper by Zero Style

Skin: Grace Sunkissed CatEyes FlamencoLips by [PXL]


~ by Marjolein on March 29, 2009.

5 Responses to “Evie’s Closet Apple Fairy Group Welcome Gift”

  1. I thought hippoGROUPS terminals don’t archive? My IMs cap every half hour or so, so if I miss out on a gift, how will I get it?

    I love love love your stuff, Evie, and the stuff you had for RFL was gorgeous. I’d hate to miss out on future gorgeousness because of hippoGROUPS.

    • Thankfully, hippoGROUPS *do* archive, if I choose the appropriate option from the drop-down-box when I send them out. 🙂 If you catch a blogpost about a Group Gift and haven’t received it, just visit the Main Store and click the Terminal for a look at all recent messages. 🙂

  2. I made the switch and love the dress. Thank you for everything, Evie! Yours was my first group. I’m looking forward to all the beautiful things you’ll make in days to come.

  3. […] Glamorpuss […]

  4. The dress is gorgeous and thank you thank you thank you for switching to Hippogroups. My group slots are all full with work related groups and I had to rely on the feeds to see when you had new releases.

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