Moon Goddess Photographic Competition

What would you do with L$10,000?

Buy yourself some Land, or maybe freshen up your SL wardrobe for Summer? Perhaps you’d spend it on some luscious new skins….

Well, why not find out?

Moon Goddess Photographic Competition

Put your creativity to good use. Enter the Moon Goddess Photography Competition sponsored by Evie’s Closet & Studio Sidhe, take a gorgeous photo, and have a chance at winning the Grand Prize of L$10,000.

For all the details, and a copy of the rules, visit either:

Evie’s Closet Main Store

Studio Sidhe

~ by Evie Miles on June 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “Moon Goddess Photographic Competition”

  1. […] Glamorpuss […]

  2. […] what happened here: this was intended to be an entry for the Moon Goddess Photographic Competition hosted by Evie’s Closet & Studio Sidhe. It was only till I saved the .png version that I […]

  3. Ummm ok

  4. i love the purpel dress

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