Whimsy by Evie’s Closet

A fun New Release from Evie’s Closet is the Whimsy Faery Outfit.

Whimsy is an outfit which is vibrant,  fun and full of Pixie whimsy. Whimsy invites the Faery in you to come out to play and cause some mischief.

Whimsy by Evie's Closet

Included are the bodice, skirt, wings, stockings and slippers.

Whimsy is available in red & orange, black & white, purple, green and blue. There is a fatpack available at a discount if you simply cannot decide on a color.

For a limited time, each Whimsy Faery outfit comes with it’s own matching Oops!

You’ll probably be wondering be wondering what an Oops! is now, so I invite you to scroll down and have a good look at the picture.


That’s an Oops!

Interested in getting your own Faery to munch on but not looking for the Whimsy Outfit? Oops! is available separately for only L$50,-

(No Faeries were harmed during the making of each Oops!)

the Whimsy Faery Outfit and Oops are both available at Evie’s Closet.

Visit the Evie’s Closet Main Store

Click the pictures to view full credits.

Bonus picture:

Whimsy by Evie's Closet


~ by Marjolein on August 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Whimsy by Evie’s Closet”

  1. […] Glamorpuss […]

  2. *Giggle* I need an Oops! Too cute now I just have to decide what color I’m going to get it in. :: Lolita ::

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