A New Look At Melusine

The original Melusine Gown was created for the Rezzable “Swansong” fashion event on the Black Swan Sim. See it here. But now that the event has concluded, the Gown has been made available in other colors.

I wanted to take some sweet, tender pictures with it, as the gown kind of lends itself to romance. But since “Boy Evie” looks crossed between someone who’s just been released from the penitentiary and a guy who could apply for work as an extra in a scene about Hobbits, I asked a good friend of mine to step in, and he happily obliged. He hopped patiently on and off poses and allowed his avatar to be flicked and twirled around the grid for hours as I fussed, and I’m very grateful. 🙂

Although… it doesn’t really look like such hard work… Does it?

Melusine Blog - Red

The Gown took a full month to construct, all of the textures are handpainted and original.

The Raven color, shown below, is my personal favorite. It’s a deep, rich, shimmering purple. Very dramatic. The ears I’m wearing, are the new Elf Ears from SLink by Siddean Munro. They come in a bunch of different styles and sizes, with a brilliant HUD to help you get them just right. I’m never taking these off.

Melusine - Raven

The outfit Cedric is wearing below is from Quality Designs. He looks… edible… doesn’t he? Mind you, he dropped me twice while we were trying for this picture, so I guess gorgeous doesn’t always equal graceful.

Melusine Blog - Pink

“That’s right. Stand still. I like the strong, silent type… Ow, you’re on my foot.. ”

Melusine Blog - Green

The dress comes in a bunch of different eyecatching colors, including Red, Pink, Purple, Green and Cream. The Cream lends itself to a bridal look, and if you’re wanting something to wear for your SL wedding which provides both romance and drama, this is your dress.

Cedric wasn’t sure about the ceremony, but I managed to drag.. err.. talk him into it.

Melusine - Wedding

The veil is sold separately, since not everyone is lucky in love.. or.. crazy enough to take the plunge. 🙂

A New Look At Melusine

Included with each Gown are resize-scripted pieces, and fully modifiable versions of all prims to ensure you can truly wear this Gown with the perfect fit.

It’s a truly unique, and beautiful new Gown, from Evie’s Closet.

Make it your own.


Dress: Melusine by Evie’s Closet

Hair: Emmanuelle by Exile

Ears: Elf Ears (Outy) by SLink

Eyes: Golden Teal Eyes by Shine

Skin: Misty Pale by League

Cedric’s Outfit/s: Quality Designs (Black) Husky GFX (Red)


~ by Evie Miles on August 29, 2009.

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