Holiday Fun @ Evie’s Closet

Now is the time to visit Evie’s Closet for holiday fun!

There’s currently a cheap and cheerful Lucky Dip in store, offering some awesome stuff.

Seven separate items have been placed inside, and you can try your luck for just $40L. Win a Gown, an ice-skating outfit, a Christmas Munch Faery and more! (All of the items are also available for separate sale, if you’re not in a game-playing mood!)

Lucky Dip Sign II

Here’s a closer look at some of the prizes:

The Caterina Christmas Gown.

Christmas Caterina

Two cute ice-skating outfits in blue and in white!

Elizabeth Ice Skating Outfit - Blue

Elizabeth Ice Skating Outfit - White

A Christmas Version of the Evie’s Closet Oops! Munch Faery, which comes with tiny bells on the faery’s shoe and hat which tinkle when you walk. (Silent option also included.)

Want to get it for a friend? Get it online HERE.

Christmas Munch Faery

A “Personal Snowdrift” (Animated snowflake prims only) which swirls around your whole body and looks pretty awesome when you’re out amongst particle snow, even if I do say so myself…

The Gown in this picture is the Muse Gown, by Evie’s Closet also, and available for sale in the store. Once again, it’s -not- part of the prize. Nor are the wings. They come from New Trails.

Evie's Personal Snowdrift

There are also two pretty prim Star Circlets, a Winter version in Silver and a Christmas one in Red, Green and White.

Find everything HERE.


~ by Evie Miles on November 21, 2009.

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