7 Swans-A-Swimming…

Okay, yes, I know I’m super-late posting this, since it’s the 11th… But hey. Be happy I managed to remember at all!

Anyway.. On the seventh day of Christmas, as per the song.. some lucky chump got a bunch of other stuff, aaaaaand Seven Swans-A-Swimming. What he subsequently did with them, I don’t know. Probably re-gifted them as various “Secret Santa” presents around his office network.

Anyway… 12 unique designers have come together this year for a special 12 Days Of Christmas event, where each day, from the 1st of December, an item will be released that was inspired by the designer’s chosen day.

I’m one of the 12, and I got Swans.

So you get.. Cygnet.

Evie's Closet - Cygnet (7th Day Of Christmas)

Evie's Closet - Cygnet (7th Day Of Christmas)

In your choice of White or Black, you get both the sparkly dress and the feathered showgirl skirt to play with. It’s got ruffled sleeve trim and a beautiful feathered swan-inspired circlet. Quack! (Or is it Honk?)

Shy Angel B II

It’s only L$250, and will be available until December 26th.

*Please note, the Wings are -not- included. As usual, a style card can be found in the vendor box with all the details.

Here’s a list of the other designers taking part in the event, if you’re interested. You can also sign up for the 12 Days of Christmas Group at my Main Store, to receive the notices for each remaining day.

Day 1 (partridge in a peartree): Adore&Abhor
Day 2 (2 turtle doves): ~La Petite Morte~
Day 3 (3 french hens): Moonshine Designs
Day 4 (4 calling birds): || Barcode ||
Day 5 (5 golden rings): Frippery
Day 6 (6 geese alaying): Abstract Reality
Day 7 (7 swans a swimming): Evie’s Closet
Day 8 (8 maids a milking): *~*HopScotch*~*
Day 9 (9 ladies dancing): caLLie cLine
Day 10 (10 lords a leaping): MusashiDO
Day 11 (11 pipers piping): +++BLUE BLOOD+++
Day 12 (12 drummers drumming): *Dreams*

There is also a flickr group, where you may share pics of the items from the event!

Happy Holidays!


Outfit: Cygnet by Evie’s Closet

Hair: Juno by Fascino & Single Lady by Exile

Wings: Raphael Angel Wings by Material Squirrel

Eyes: Lucidity Aurora by Shine

Skin: Misty Pale by League

Necklace (On Cygnet White)
Chatelaine Shoulder Brooch by Muse


~ by Evie Miles on December 11, 2009.

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