40L Fun @ Evie’s Closet

Check out the Brand New Seasonal Garlands from Evie’s Closet. Suited for anyone who wants to dress up their holiday look with a little bit of nature.

Choose from Holly, Mistletoe & Snowdrop.

These headpieces are transferable and would make a welcome gift for the Flower child, Faery, or forward-thinking Fashionista friend in your life.

Holly Garland

Mistletoe Garland

Snowdrop Garland

If you’re coming to buy one at the Main Store, you might want to try winning one in the *NEW* Lucky Dip. It’s bigger and better than the last one… and ALL of the prizes are set to transfer. It’s only 40L each time you play, and you’re guaranteed to win something of high quality, valued anywhere between L$95 – L$550.

Don’t miss out.

Besides the Garlands, here’s a sample of what you can win:

40L Fun @ Evie's Closet

For your turn at some 40L fun, visit Evie’s Closet today.


~ by Evie Miles on December 15, 2009.

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