Evie’s Closet @ the RFL Clothing Fair 2010

Join the fight against cancer by visiting the Relay for Life Clothing Fair, 2010!

Evie’s Closet has donated 5 outfits with 100% of the proceeds going to support the American Cancer Society.

You can preview some of the others here.

Outfit number 4 is “Fable” and it comes in 3 different configurations.
The fun, flirty ballet set shown below, a long, full tiered ballgown skirt and a sexy corset lingerie look, all for $500L.

RFL CLothing Fair 2010 - Fable (Photo by TearSong Vaughan)

To see the alternate pieces which go with the Fable set, click here.

To visit Evie’s Closet at the Clothing Fair, take the teleport!

There’s a free gift waiting there for you, too. 🙂


Hair: Thomas by Schadenfreude
Skin: Misty Pale by League
Ears: SLink Elf Ears
Blindfold and Orinthia Puro Necklace by Illusions
Bloodlight Daggers by Tekeli-li
Pose by 5ifth Order


~ by Evie Miles on March 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Evie’s Closet @ the RFL Clothing Fair 2010”

  1. OK, but do I have to wear the blindfold?

  2. […] Glamorpuss […]

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