WILD.released @ Evie’s Closet

The WILD.Released Hunt has officially begin. The kiosks are out, people are stamping their HUDs and collecting the amazing prizes already! 🙂

How do YOU participate?

Just visit Evie’s Closet, buy an item marked with the WILD.Released tag, and you’ll get a special HUD.

Wear your HUD and visit all of the 12 participating stores. Touch the stamp kiosk, get a stamp and then finally trade the fully stamped HUD in for one of 12 amazing prizes!

You can find the list of the 12 participating stores here, including Silent Sparrow, Illusions and Fallen Gods!


You can also view all of the prizes there, just click the appropriate link beneath each vendor’s logo.

Here’s what you can win from Evie’s Closet for quick reference:

Evie's Closet - Nyria Ad

Please note: The dress is ONLY available as a prize in the WILD.released hunt.

Want to see it before you do the hunt? Ask one of the store models to model it for you.

To make it easier and a little more appealing for you all to participate, I’ve released brand new Nathalie Gowns, which are on sale at an incredible price of $150L for the duration of the Hunt.

So everyone can afford to grab a dress, do the hunt and collect a prize!

Here’s a preview of the Nathalie Gowns:

Nathalie Red

Nathalie Purple

Nathalie Black

Nathalie Pink

Nathalie Green

The beautiful Nathalie Gowns are also transferable. They will make great gifts, so consider sending one to a friend! 🙂

Well, that’s about it, you can check everything out at the Evie’s Closet Main Store to get started. Happy hunting!

Skins: Misty Pale by League.
Lashes: Bedroom Lashes by CAKE
Rose Accessories: Varda by Illusions
Titty Cocoa by Fascino
W&Y #92
Laya, Karen & Cassie by Exile
Bang Bang by !Lamb


~ by Evie Miles on March 27, 2010.

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