Hiya everyone. 🙂

Phew.. So what with the Relay For Life Clothing Fair, the WILD.released Hunt and the Fantasy Faire 2010 coming up, it’s been a little busy recently! So I was very happy to finally put the finishing touches on this gorgeous new dress for you. I’ve finally gotten around to blogging it, even if I’m a week late.

It’s called Briony, and without further ado, here are some pictures:

Briony Brown

Briony Burgundy

Briony Purple

And here are some of the In-Store Ads, so you can see the color selections, the bottom of the dress, and the different sleeve configurations all at once.

Briony - Cerulean

Briony - Verdant

Briony - Henna

The chemise is optional, so you can either leave it off and wear Briony as a regal gown, or add it to the outfit and dress it down.

There are 6 beautiful colors to choose from, so run on down to the Evie’s Closet Main Store and take your pick.


All Skins: Misty Pale by League (Various Makeups)

Hairs: Scarlett by fri.day, Fae by Exile, Laya by Exile, Mrs Mittens 2 by Clawtooth.

Ears: SLink Elf Ears by SLink.

Collar: “Twig” by Balderdash, Bagatelle and Trinketry.

Necklace & Eyepatch: Aurelie Teardrop & Rogue’s Eyepatch by Illusions

Poses: No Strings Attached, Flowey, Don’t Freak Out (DFO)


~ by Evie Miles on April 11, 2010.

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