Summer Beach Fantasy – Evie’s Closet

Looking for something fresh, original and totally gorgeous to wear this Summer?

Why not find your sea legs in the newest dress from Evie’s Closet. Inspired by the range of Nereida Mermaids released last Tuesday, the Nereida dress is a froth of satin, silk and sea.

Purple Nereida

The pack comes with both a long, and short option for versatility, shimmering and moving to perfection. (No giant column lagging behind you when you walk!)

Nereida - Seafoam

Nereida - Coral

Nereida - Flotsam

Nereida - Pearl

Nereida - Anemone

Nereida - Wasabi

*Please note, the prim section of the top attaches to the spine since it would be an absolute *$@$%! to edit and fit if I’d joined them together. When you wear the outfit, you can choose to wear the skirt on either your chest or your left pec. Don’t wear them both, or you’ll be primtastic!

You can pick up a Nereida Dress to add to your Summer Wardrobe at the RFL Fantasy Faire, 2010 or at the Evie’s Closet Main Store.

See you there!


Hair: Annie by Truth
Skin: Misty Pale by League
Necklace & Earrings: Shanti by Burroughs Jewelry
Poses: No Strings Attached & Don’t Freak out (dfo!)


~ by Evie Miles on April 24, 2010.

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