Look! New Eyelashes! Well, Leaf-Lashes at any rate.

These gorgeous, whimsical lashes go one step further in the Prim-Lash department, and adorn your eyes with seasonal foliage…. and twigs! Easy-peasy to edit and position, these will add a little extra magic to any look.

Leafy Lashes - Spring/Summer

Leafy Lashes - Winter

Leafy Lashes - Autumn

Leafy Lashes - Blight

Here’s another Secret thing you probably didn’t know…

Oubliette has moved on the map. If you come for a visit and take a peek, we’ve drifted across the ocean and bumped up against Ode. If you’ve never visited the Worthwhile Gallery, Wanderstill or The Light Fantastic, now’s a wonderful time to discover them all.


Inspired by the possibilities our new neighbour represents, I’ve also created a new Color-Change Wreath.

Secret Garden Wreath

Secret Garden Wreath II

You receive both the double & single band style with your purchase. Because sometimes you feel like more, and sometimes… less.

Just touch it to choose the color that makes you happiest. Changed your mind? Touch it again, and choose another!

And if you should ever happen across a secret door or a gate as you wander about…. Why not try using the tiny key which dangles delicately, from a tangled ribbon. You never know what it might unlock – including your imagination.

Visit Evie’s Closet, today. You never know what you’ll find!

Moonlit Eyes by Ibanez Eyes
(On Autumn)
Twig Crown & Collar: Balderdash, Bagatelle and Trinketry
Ears: SLink Elf Ears
Skins: Misty Pale by League (Various makeups)
Hair: Tia & Reese by Truth & Giselle by Exile


~ by Evie Miles on May 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Secrets….”

  1. […] Glamorpuss […]

  2. So much… gorgeous… want.

  3. So much… gorgeous… want.

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