99L Fun @ Evie’s Closet

I had thought about choosing a few things in the store to set for sale this weekend, but then decided that was boring and unoriginal.

So instead, I’ve chosen 10 different outfits, all full-priced creations valued at L$400 or higher, and popped in them into 10 random boxes. Those boxes, I hid in tiny little mushrooms around the Main Store.

They look a ‘lil something like this:


If you’re feeling frisky you can hop along down to Evie’s Closet before the weekend is over and pick a ‘Huntshroom’ and buy it’s contents for just L$99.

Will you know what’s inside? No, you won’t. That’s why it’s so heavily discounted, and it’s part of the fun. 🙂

Please note, you can’t receive a prize and then ask for it in a different color, or to exchange it, etc. They’re all non-transferrable.

This is quite literally, a random prize hunt. If the fear of disappointment threatens to spoil your enjoyment of the event, that’s okay, but I would gently suggest that you opt -not- to participate this time.

Having said that, people have been skipping gleefully from my store with their arms full of Evie’s Closet goodness since Friday Night, so hey.. why would -you- want to miss out on the joy? 😛

Your SLurl to Evie’s Closet is right here.


~ by Evie Miles on May 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “99L Fun @ Evie’s Closet”

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  2. This is one of the best hunts ever . . . Evie didn’t skimp. For under $1,000 lindens I got almost $4,000 lindens of gowns in a variety of colors and styles. This is perfect for those who want to build a collection of outfits for roleplaying or photography and who don’t own a lot of Evie’s wonderful gowns already – by that I mean dozens and dozens in multiple styles and colors. Your chances of buying something you already have seem very very low. And the quality is superb as always. You can’t really go wrong! Thank you, Evie!

  3. Oops, make that almost $5,000 lindens worth of gowns . . . I had subtracted what I paid from the total cost of the gown full price. Sorry!

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