Dark & Dangerous @ Evie’s Closet

The Summer of Love Fair, which is attempting to put a spotlight on mental health, is running from now, until the 8th of August.

Something I’ve recently fallen in love with, is the True Blood series and although I’m a latecomer to the show, I’ve been making up for lost time. It’s been playing in the background of my working environment for the last few weeks.

So when it came time to make something for the Summer of Love Fair, what better than a dark, romantic gown?

Madeleine Large
(Click HERE to see a large version)

Madeleine comes in four colors, has a sculpted lace ruffle around the halterneck collar and a detachable train. The beaded belt which ties at the back with a ribbon lends it a little more detail and the whole effect is rich and gothic.

Save it, Fuzzy!
(Click HERE to see a large version)

I took Evie out for a spin in the graveyard at +NO SALVATION+ and had to discourage a persistent Werewolf. Or as Elizabeth from Frippery (who also made the gorgeous choker) exclaimed.. “It’s Talk To The Hand for the Lupine-Challenged!”

The couples pose I used is from the ever-amazing Milli Santos of No Strings Attached. If you’ve got a pesky Vamp or Were hanging about, pick up a copy and put them in their place!


Dress: Madeleine by Evie’s Closet (Only available at the Summer Of Love Fair)
Hair: W&Y Model Hair 04
Skin: Redgrave – 03b Daylight Skin -Trinity- / temptation
Choker: Death Becomes Her by Frippery (IM Elizabeth Tinsley to purchase)
Couples Pose: “Save It!” by No Strings Attached
Werewolf Avatar: 1st Act (Shadow Werewolf)
Fangs: [ES] Vampire’s Fangs V2 Female (Only available on XStreet)


~ by Evie Miles on July 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “Dark & Dangerous @ Evie’s Closet”

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  2. Vampires and the name Madeleine…. makes me think of Interview With The Vampire 😀

  3. […] The dress comes in the four colors shown, and also comes in the full-size avatar version, which can be viewed here. […]

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