40L Lucky Dip @ Evie’s Closet

I’ve packed some things into a fun Lucky Dip Vendor and you can buy one at random right now for just $40L.

Milli Petite Lucky Dip

Whether you need a snazzy little cocktail dress or something sweet and soft to wear as a Faery, you can style the Milli Petite dresses in a number of versatile ways.

Like the top, the short skirt *is* sculpted, there are no flexi-prims. But they’re simple to edit and finished underneath with a soft layer of puffed chiffon.

As well as the 6 regular colors, I’ve also put together 2 exclusive items which are unique from the original release. Milli in Coconut Ice is the long, full version of the dress and Milli Petite in Black Cherry Liqueur is a gorgeous little dark version.

Milli Petite Black Cherry Liqueur Promo

Milli Petite Coconut Ice Promo

These 2 items are Copy/Mod/No Transfer, but the other 6 -can- be transferred and swapped to your heart’s content.

*There are no “rare” items in this lucky dip. Every item has the same chance to be won.

*This script is random. That means if you choose to try more than once, it won’t remember what it gave you last time. It may give you one of each item in succession, or 2 of the same thing in a row.

If the fear of disappointment threatens to spoil your enjoyment of the lucky dip, I would gently suggest that you opt -not- to participate this time.

Right. That’s about enough babbling from me. 🙂

Here’s your ride to Evie’s Closet. The Lucky Dip is right at the front of the store. Can’t miss it. Have fun and good luck! ❤


Dresses: Evie’s Closet Lucky Dip 40L each.
Skin: Mynerva (Pure Envy & Candy Floss in Butterscotch)
Hair: Mirone (Ceria in Platinum and Onyx)
Earrings: TDR Blue special Huge Earrings (The Dressing Room Blue)
Lashes: Cake: Bedroom Lashes
Shoes: Maitreya Gold: Aequus Silver & Allure-Tights Black
Poses: “As I am” by Del May


~ by Evie Miles on August 29, 2010.

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