Something wicked this way comes…

Halloween is nearly here, and Evie’s Closet is proud to be a part of a collaborative effort with Skinthesis, Angelwing, Frippery, & No Strings Attached to bring you the cutest little Franken-Fairies on the grid.

Frankenfae Promo

“It’s like Mary Shelley & Tinkerbell had babies!”

Frankenfae Promo 2

Evie’s Closet’s contribution is the Will ‘O The Wisp outfit, perfect for spirits good and evil alike.

Soft webs of gossamer float around the torn and ragged silk of a dress which has seen better days. ~ There’s not much call for laundry when you’re wandering the space between the living and the dead.

Will O' The Wisp

There are also Skin & Ear sets, Eyes, Hair, & Shoes available from Skinthesis:

Skinthesis - FrankenFairy Hair - Kawaii

Skinthesis - FrankenFairy Hair - OldSkoolGhoul

Skinthesis - Kawaii Skin and Eyes

Skinthesis - OldSkoolGhoul Skin and Eyes

Morbidly cute poses for the undead fae by No Strings Attached:

No Strings Attached Poses

Intricate & haunting prim wings, bracelets, & neck bolts from Frippery:

Frippery - FrankenFae Wings

Frippery - FrankenFae Wings II

Frippery - FrankenFae Charms

<img src=""

Frippery - FrankenFae Neckbolts

And a fun & playful mini-dress from Angelwing:

Angelwing FrankenFairy Dress

Buy them all for the ultimate Halloween Mix ‘N Match experience! With this collaborative collection you can customize your look to your heart’s content.

Visit the FrankenFae Project display at Evie’s Closet.


~ by Evie Miles on October 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “Something wicked this way comes…”

  1. Oh yes, I own it all. Every. Single. Piece.

  2. i see you’re a huge fan of my work, arent you

  3. Beautiful! I recall that this outfit got a lot of admirers at the Illusions Burning Night Masquerade. “It’s like Mary Shelley & Tinkerbell had babies!” LOL Love it!

  4. I agree, such a cool outfit and great collaboration….as a matter of fact, I’m wearing it right now!!!

    As for that rediculous comment by cavernobscura, don’t sweat it Evie, haters gonna hate. Kinda pathetic to accuse someone like this in blog comments. Unprofessional, even.

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