Ice Skating @ Evie’s Closet

Everyone loves to Ice Skate!

It’s winter-dancing that both singles and couples can enjoy all across the grid, and every year, talented creators give us new and exciting ways to go about it.

This year from Evie’s Closet, you can also find the perfect *outfit* for all your ice-skating escapades.

The Elizabeth Ice Skating outfits are richly textured with a delicate sculpted prim ruffle skirt and removable jacket with collar. It’s available in 6 lovely tones.

Elizabeth Skating Suit Collection

Want to send someone an Ice-Skating Outfit as a Christmas or Secret Santa Gift?
Evie’s Closet has transferable Gift Cards!

I mean c’mon… Who doesn’t love skating and looking pretty?

Easy does it

Well… Maybe with a little practice. 😉

You're okay I've got you (snowy)

It’s okay to just stand around and cuddle looking cute, too!

Most people I know have a set of Ice Skates in their inventory and a corresponding HUD with some skate animations. Loads of fun, but a little awkward in the operation, perhaps.

This year, Sala Snook has gifted us with her Ice Skate AO (with shoes) and no longer do we have to *think* about looking effortless on the ice.

You can see the extraordinary animations here:

Interested? There’s a vendor set up at the Evie’s Closet Main Store where you can grab one and be the envy of others!

Can’t you just see yourself whirling around the ice? Get into a winter-y state of mind and visit Evie’s Closet now.

Outfits: Elizabeth Ice Skating Outfit by Evie’s Closet

(On Evie)
Emily Blonds (Barley) by Truth Hair
Details (Blonds) by Elikatira
(On Lucy)
Wild Nothing (Reds) by Lamb

(On Evie)
Misty Pale by League
(On Lucy)
Taylor Pale by League

Skates: (Not pictured) Bax Ice Skating Boots
AO: Kami-Hitoe Ice Skating AO

Crown: Irridae Crown – Gold (Gem Change) by Kouse’s Sanctum


~ by Evie Miles on December 11, 2010.

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