Last-minute fabulousness!

Hello Sugarbeans. 🙂

Christmas is almost here! Looking for something inexpensive to do?

Elizabeth Purple Lucky Board Pic

The Skating Suit in the picture is tucked into a Lucky Board @ The Evie’s Closet Main Store. It includes the headpiece.

If you get bored waiting for -YOUR- letter to show up, you can grab some of Bax’s amazing ice skates right there in the store and teleport down to the amazing ice-skating we have on Oubliette. 🙂 It’s absolutely gorgeous. Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash has done an incredible job with the Sim this year, as always.

You might also want to check under the Evie’s Closet Christmas Tree. There’s a few more free gifts from -other- merchants which have been added over the last week. 🙂

Xmas Cariad Large

If you’re full up with freebies, skating outfits and headpieces and just want something you can grab and enjoy, this is set out for 50L @ the Adore&Abhor main store where I’m lucky enough to be a guest designer. There’s -other- goodies from other designers there, too!

That’s all!

❤ Evie. xo

Pic 1
Skating Outfit: Evie’s Closet (FREE in Lucky Board)
Hair: Artemis by Exile
Skin: Misty Pale (Smokey) by League
Mole: Mole Pack v2 by Mynerva
Ice Skates: Bax Ice Skates in Gold by Bax Coen Designs
Ice Skating Rink: Oubliette Region

Pic 2
Gown: Christmas Cariad by Evie’s Closet (Only available @ Adore&Abhor)
Hair: Artemis by Exile
Skin: Misty Pale (Smokey) by League
Mole: Mole Pack v2 by Mynerva
Headpiece: Fiona Circlet in Wrought Iron (color change) by Kouse’s Sanctum


~ by Evie Miles on December 21, 2010.

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