Evie’s Closet @ Fashion For Life

It’s that time of year again when the grid comes together to raise money for Cancer Research.

It’s amazing how our ‘virtual’ efforts can have a significant impact on the world at large outside this pixel playground and Relay For Life in Second Life is one of the best examples of this.

Running until March 22 across 9 sims, there are over 180 stores and a hunt and gatcha areas, all with the goal of raising funds for the American Cancer Society.

Much more information is available at the website, http://fashionforlifesl.com

Evie’s Closet is fortunate enough to be a Sponsor this year and they even let me throw some things around on one of their sims, built by the delicious Dream Resistance.

When you visit, you’ll find 4 donation items with 100% of the proceeds going straight to the American Cancer Society, at both the entrance -and- at the exit to my spot. I’ve made sure you can’t miss them!

Amarie's Bower - RFL 2011

The first is a special edition of Amarie’s Bower.
It’s in very earthy sort of reddish/brown tones, so great for those role players who aren’t so much into the bright colors I usually work with.

Coppelia Blush RFL 2011

Next is a candy-colored version of the Coppelia Gown. (Reg. price $600L)

It’s marked down to just $450L so if you loved this dress, but couldn’t afford it, run down and grab it while it’s on sale. All proceeds, again, go to the American Cancer Society, so it’s win-win for everyone.

Milli RFL 2011

Third is the Milli Gown in Coconut Ice. You can own it now for just $350L. (Reg. price $500L.)

Secret Garden RFL 2011 Wreath

Finally, I’ve created a version of the Secret Garden Wreaths which I personally just love. It’s not a color change version like the original, but they’re perfect for spring and…. well.. you should get one. The hair is Hera from Exile, and you should get that, too.

Lastly, there’s a special wall up at my store there, with many of the special edition and/or promotional items you may or may not have already had the chance to grab over the last 12 months. They’re marked down, most of them are 50 – 99L. Worth a look, if you’re in the market for a bargain this weekend.

So. Where do you go to find the items in this note card and everything else at the Fashion For Life event?

Evie's Closet on Arbus Sim

Here’s a SLurl right to the location you want. 🙂
Lots of love,

Evie. xo


~ by Evie Miles on March 20, 2011.

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  1. […] Evie’s Closet also sponsored the Fashion For Life event, several donation items were already available. . But I also wanted to be able to offer something new and unique to the wonderful Fantasy Community […]

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