Under The Sea…

Evie’s Closet released the Nereida Mermaids last year at the Fantasy Faire 2010, and this year I’ve worked hard to create another Mer outfit for you.

If the “Nereida” are a bright, bold, flashy showgirl kind of creature, then the “Lumina” girls are their fragile cousins.

Pale, ethereal and delicate, they skim along just under the surface of the water, dancing in the sparkling light reflecting there. If you catch one in your hand, or in a net… they’re so intangible that they’ll simply melt into water.

So.. you know, don’t do that.

Lumina Mer Pic

The set includes:

Tail & Fins
Sculpted Drape Top with dangling pearls
Modesty Scales
(These are modest mer, you can’t see any ladybits beneath the scales, I promise! If you’re a little more risque, just remove the.. well.. yeah.)
Face Scales & sculpted attachments
Shoulder Scales & sculpted attachments
Archer’s Wick with pearl lights
Delicate pearl armbands

All textures are original and hand-painted, some original sculpts were also created for this work.

Lumina - Green Large

If you love the water, but crave the land from time to time, or if you’re not confident that you can rock the whole “half fish” thing, then the Lumina Nymph design might be for you.

Lumina Nymph II

Take a look at Lumina now. She’s technically still a Mermaid, she just has this snazzy Sea Jewel set into her forehead, which enchants her and lets her “borrow” someone’s legs for a bit.

(Please don’t ask what happens to the person on the other end of the enchantment… We’re not exactly sure, yet. The goblins are looking into it. )

The set includes a floaty skirt, made of mixed sculpts and flexi prims and the draped top and pearl armbands as well as a pearly sea jewel set on a backdrop of face tattoo scales. It looks simple, but it’s very visually effective and works thanks to all the effort went into it. (And just a little bit of magic!)

Lumina Nymph Green Large

If you’re bored of the same old, same old in your SL wardrobe, awaken your imagination with this outfit, for a while. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Scales Set

You can pick them both up in six different colors until the end of Sunday the 10th at the RFL Fantasy Faire 2011 or after that at the Evie’s Closet Main Store.

xo Evie.

Mermaid & Nymph Outfits – Lumina by Evie’s Closet
Skin: Lara Hurley Skins – “Claire”
Hairs: Olja by Lelutka, Just by Elikatira & Tempest by Exile


~ by Evie Miles on April 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “Under The Sea…”

  1. Plz ! Give me it for me ! *-*
    I need it for my movie :c

    • Hello Nervesize – The outfit is available for sale at my Main Store. Click any of the links to get a SLurl. 🙂

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