Tuala Crowns & Collars @ Evie’s Closet

It seems I forgot to blog these last week, so for continuity’s sake, here’s a post about them.

The Tuala Crowns & Collars are made to match the Tuala Gowns from Evie’s Closet, but are sold separately so you can wear them with any outfit you choose.

When you purchase, you receive both the ornate, crown and a detailed lace and precious metal collar. They’re designed to give an organic, eldritch appearance. Try a Demo set at Evie’s Closet and see how they look when worn.

Tuala Crown & Collar - Bliss

Tuala Crown & Collar - Bluebell

Tuala Crown & Collar - Fortuna II

Tuala Crown & Collar - Peridot

Tuala Crown & Collar - Antique

Tuala Crown & Collar - Tryst

If you missed the Gowns the first time, here’s how they look when worn together:

Tuala - Tryst

You can visit Evie’s Closet in world to pick up a copy, or if you’re in the middle of a million things and want to save a trip, shop in the Evie’s Closet Store on the SL Marketplace right now. Thanks for looking!


~ by Evie Miles on July 2, 2011.

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