Bug-A-Boo-Berries @ The Mee & Roo Event!

Announcing the Mee & Roo Festivale!

Meeroos have swept the grid, winning us over with their cuteness. All of our creations have been inspired by the ‘Roos, and are either for you, your home, or your Meeroos.

Running for ONE weekend only – July 15th-17th – Don’t miss out on this special event!

Find the Mee & Roo Festivale here.

From Evie’s Closet, you’ll find these adorable little Bug-A-Boo Berry Fairy Outfits. One for each Wild Berry color and an odd little recessive Winecoat Berry as well.

They’re just L$175 each for the duration of the event, or grab the “Pie-Pack” of all four colors for 50% off!

The Bug-A-Boo Meeroo Fairies (Promo)

Bug-A-Boo Berry Fairy - Blue

Bug-A-Boo Berry Fairy - Pink

Bug-A-Boo Berry Fairy - Winecoat

Bug-A-Boo Berry Fairy - Red

The matching Wings and Mini Cap are included.

Thanks for looking! 🙂


Lara Skins/Illusory/League


Meeroo Holding Poses:
Hopscotch by Chandi Khondji

Elf Ears:
SLink Elf Ears – Outy & Pointy

Meeroo Sim:
Dude, where’s my Roo?
(This place is great. If you’re looking for somewhere to house your Meeroos, they’re friendly, they’re cheap, they pet and they let you know when your food has run out! <3)


~ by Evie Miles on July 16, 2011.

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