New Evie’s Closet Store!

The new Evie’s Closet Main Store has quietly opened, tonight.

New Store 1

It’s still got some unfinished bits, but it’s -always- a work in progress, so we’re calling it cooked.

The store is large and open and has a few community spaces for you to use and explore. Here are the main features:
The Vintage Evie’s Closet Room in the centre of the store.
Inside, nothing is over L$150. Many of the designs I’ve created between 2007 – 2009 are in here.

Evie’s Closet Bridal and Evie’s Closet Kids both have their own new builds. You can reach them by using the teleport panels displayed at the entrance of the Main Store.

There is a Secret Garden up above the store. There’s not -much- in it right now, but things up there will grow and change over time. You’re welcome to hang out in it. Right now, you can play the harp, dance with a loved one or even have your Tarot Cards read for you.

There is a Drum Circle at the back of the store. Great for gatherings. There’s a dance ball up on the roof of the hollowed-out Tree Stump if you’re a mover, not a drummer. 🙂
New Store 2
You can now also buy people a gift from the vendors, directly. Just right click them for the menu and follow the instructions provided.

You can also purchase Store Credit for yourself, or for somebody else as a gift.

Every purchase from the Evie’s Closet Main Store will award you 10% of the purchase price back in Store Credit.

You can also have an item which did not deliver, redelivered to you. (Currently only for Main Store purchases only, but will be grid-wide, eventually.)

Please Note: If you have an old Evie’s Closet Gift Card, it can be traded in for Store Credit.
To celebrate the opening of the New Store, you can run down and grab a copy of the Lumina Nymph Outfit in a special Aerie Edition. It’s a beautiful pearly cream-white color and just L$70.

Aerie Edition Lumina Nymph

What are you waiting for?

Run down to Evie’s Closet now. 🙂


~ by Evie Miles on August 14, 2011.

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