Getting Dirty @ Evie’s Closet.

I spent a lot of time this week, fussing with my Meroos. Eventually, I decided I needed something to wear which reflected this, so created 2 different versions of the original “Ren” outfit.

No long skirts in these, since Meeroo-petting requires a functional wardrobe. 😉

I figured since I’d made them anyway, I’d share them with you, see if you could find your -own- excuse to look a little worse for wear.

Ren - Dirty Edition (Mini)

The set includes 2 short skirts (Short & Shorter) and the Cap Sleeves.
There is also a Green Corset and a Brown Corset option, so you can wear both styles in 2 colors.

That’s four outfit options for just L$80.

Please note that the body dirt is -not- included, but there’s a style card inside the pack which will give you a LM to the right store, along with the other bits and pieces used to style the ad.

Tiny Ren - Dirty

In addition to the Grown-Up version, I created a release for children, too.

The small version includes both the Green and Brown colors. However, the corset is edited to be more appropriate for kids and there’s no tiny skirt. Because.. well, that’s not appropriate either. Trust me. I tried it. lol
Accordingly, it will only set you back L$40!

You can grab it from the Kids’ Section of the Main Evie’s Closet Store. To get there, you’ll need to use the Teleport Panels at the entrance. Can’t miss ’em.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Evie. xo

Hair: Riot Girl by Exile
Adult Skin: Lara Skins – Claire
Child Skin: Curio – Petal – Airhead “Pure”
Dirt Layers: Dirt Marks by Trident
Ears: Small Elf Ears by SLink


~ by Evie Miles on September 18, 2011.

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