Nocturne Gowns @ Evie’s Closet

Out now at the Evie’s Closet Main Store.

Nocturne II Nocturne

These dark and beautiful Gowns whisper of forgotten love and other life times. You receive both Nocturne I and Nocturne II in the box, and can choose to be the more formal marionette-style maiden or the shadow gypsy. The outfits include sculpted panniers scattered with dried flowers and a sculpted medieval henin (hat) completes your look.

Nocturne I & II - Broken Dreams

Nocturne I & II - Cracked Porcelain

Nocturne I & II - Dying Embers

Nocturne I & II - Withered Affection

With four color moods to choose from, which will you be?

Run to Evie’s Closet, now.


~ by Evie Miles on October 30, 2011.

One Response to “Nocturne Gowns @ Evie’s Closet”

  1. I would Love to see this outfit as a petite ….amazing! love it!

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