Winter Wonderland @ Evie’s Closet

About a week and a half ago, I was seized with the desire to throw together a Winter White Gown. Mostly so I had something new and pretty to wear as I flounced around the grid enjoying all the fresh-fallen snow.

I’m not a gigantic fan of working in grey-scale, because it’s like somebody took away my paint box, but I did my best and I simply call this one “Winter”.

It has a long-sleeve/light-sleeve option, and comes with a sculpted snowflake crown and matching earrings. I love the ethereal skirt, but probably my favorite part is the lace across the back. 🙂

Front of Gown - Winter

Back of Gown - Winter

Winter Gown Vendor Pic - Shows long sleeves

Catch a Sleigh Ride down to Evie’s Closet and pick this one up for $350L, while the holidays last!

Down: “Winter” by Evie’s Closet (Evangeline Miles)

Skin: “Claire” in Pale/Smokey Red by Lara Skins (Lara Hurley)

Eyes: “Moonstone” Liquid Eyes by Ibanez Eyes (Annie Ibanez)

Hair: UUT644 hair in Black by *booN (boo Nakamura)

Necklace: Celestine Necklace by Muse (Store is closed. Sorry.)

Sim: Oubliette


~ by Evie Miles on December 10, 2011.

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