Tiny Water Nymphs

Take a look at Lumina now. She’s technically still a Mermaid, she just has this snazzy Sea Jewel set into her forehead, which enchants her and lets her “borrow” someone’s legs for a bit.

(Please don’t ask what happens to the person on the other end of the enchantment… We’re not exactly sure, yet. The goblins are looking into it. )

Lumina Nymph (Petites) - Aqua Vendor

Lumina Nymph (Petites) - Purple Vendor

Lumina Nymph (Petites) - Green Vendor

Lumina Nymph (Petites) - Pale Vendor

Lumina Nymph (Petites) - Blue Vendor

Lumina Nymph (Petites) - Pink Vendor

The set includes a floaty skirt, made of mixed sculpts and flexi prims. The draped top can be removed to reveal a modest covering of scales on the chest, and the whole outfit is embellished by impossibly tiny pearls. It looks simple, but it’s very visually effective and works thanks to all the effort went into it. (And just a little bit of magic!)

Grab it in-world from the Petites Kingdom, or on the SL Marketplace.

If you’d like the full Mermaid version, it’s available at the Evie’s Closet Main Store, or also on the SL Marketplace.


Petite: PETITES +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Royale PALE
Creator: Alia Baroque

Eyes: Tragic Eyes in Ice Grey by Curio
Creator: Rita Groshomme

Hair: Tres Jolie Petite Hair Powder by Boudoir Petites
Creator: Vitabela Dubrovna


~ by Evie Miles on October 6, 2012.

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