Petite Kasia @ Evie’s Closet.

A beautiful version of the Kasia outfit has been created especially for Petites Mesh Avatars. It incorporates a mesh top and mesh skirt with original, hand-painted texturing.

The skirt comes with flexi-prim components so that you don’t lose that lovely realistic movement, and there is a braided belt included, with a pouch and triquetra charm.

Kasia Petites - Green

Kasia Petites - Brown

Kasia Petites - Blue

Kasia Petites - Purple

Kasia comes in 4 colors, and there is also a Full-Size Mesh Avatar version, so visit Evie’s Closet in-world or check our SL Marketplace Store to see more.

Thanks for supporting Evie’s Closet Petites. 🙂

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PETITES +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Royale PALE
Plus – Classic & Starter Makeups HUD for Petites Royales.

Alia Baroque
booN XFE275 hair – Purple
by boo Nakamura

[kik]hair-Fine-II(coffee) – Brown
by as001 Littlething

[e] Garden – Blonde 07 – Blue
by elikapeka tiramisu

::Exile:: Ashlyn:Roots-Sunset
by Kavar Cleanslate


~ by Evie Miles on October 21, 2012.

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